Nintendo DS 'Has Been Under Assault' by iPod Touch, Smartphones says Pachter

Although Nintendo doesn't seem to have any interest of getting into the phone business (like Sony might be doing), the company has acknowledged the threat that Apple represents to its business. That's a threat that's already had an impact on the DS hardware sales, if you ask Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter. Pachter said that the DS has "been under assault by the iPod Touch." Moreover, he sees this as a developing trend in which more and more young people decide to buy an iPod Touch or seek out a smartphone like iPhone, Android or the new Windows Phone 7.

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Sinner101GR3650d ago

Yeah, iTouch is going to make some strides, thats for sure.

donniebaseball3650d ago

I don't think nintendo cares that much, since they'll be launching 3DS in a few months