Unofficial Videogame Boxarts which are better than the real ones

Gamersmint: A box art is the first thing that makes an impression on shoppers who go to buy games from a store. It is very important. We have seen some official box arts which are so unbelievably bad that we have to wonder, what happened?

Gamersmint staff have picked 6 *unofficial box art, which have so much class in them that it puts the real ones to shame.

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wdeath3645d ago

Awesome stuff, reminds me of the Criterion box-art which are as great! Or even better than the originals.

King-Leonidas3645d ago

i agree with The God of War 3 boxart.

Red_Orange_Juice3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

GOW3 has one of the most badass covers out there, no need to change it, if there is a list of games that need a cover change, GOW3 is not on that list.

Sunny_D3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

I disagree. I think they could have had more than just half a face. It would have been better to put this cover instead.

MJ19913645d ago

red dead redemption one is awesome

B_Rian893645d ago

RDR and KZ2 are the only ones better than the original. The rest are crap. AC2 is decent but the original is better

cyborg3645d ago

the most. It's got that "comic-book feel to it" but yet looks really awesome

MaxOpower3645d ago

I hated that one, if you haven't seen, theres kind of an on going them in the AS box arts.

Cheeseknight283645d ago

I enjoyed all these fan made ones, except the Assassin's Creed II one. I found the current boxart badass enough that it almost made me buy the game (But a friend did it for me so that's money saved).

3645d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.