I Want More Zombies: Why the Undead Are Perfect Video-Game Enemies

Zombies: overused enemy or perfect representation of video games?

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Supman3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

zombies own in left4dead.
i love, left4dead.

Sadie21003650d ago

I'm sick of zombies like everyone else, but the writer makes a great point.

jha12233650d ago

So tired of them. So very, very tired of them.

However, the communities overall appetite for them seems insatiable right now, so I can't blame them at all for selling what people will buy.

I've been done with zombies since Zombieland (though that movie was awesome).

jeeves863650d ago

But zombies are quickly becoming the new Nazis. At one time they were interesting and jarring, but now it's just getting really boring, seeing the same old, same old.


The author misses a pretty big point in their Heavy Rain spiel. Nathaniel was a religious zealot and clearly a man disturbed. His house was loaded with pills and everywhere you looked there was a crucifix or a cross. Furthermore, Jayden needs to make a split-second decision on whether to shoot Nathaniel because at the last second it appears that he has a weapon hidden in his coat. Pretty much any officer worth his weight would know that a) Nathaniel is a dangerous person, whether he fits the profile of the Origami Killer or not b) would have popped a cap in Nathaniel's ass whether he was carrying a knife or a cross.


I wrote an article before regarding this kind of stuff and it deals partly with the psychological impact of zombies and why now we're so head over heels for the undead. Anyone who's interested in this should check it out.