Kinect To Outsell PS3 Move, IDC Says

According to IDC, Americans will but between 2.5 and 3 million Kinect devices during the fourth quarter, while the Move controller is expected to between 2 and 2.25 million units. Of course these are fourth quarter sales and given the fact that Move has already sold 1 million units in the U.S., it is likely that Sony will have sold more move controllers in aggregate by the end of the year, if IDC’s estimates will turn into fact.

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sku7790tz3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

it's just really sad that it will sell a bit more than Move because of $500M marketing when gamers and majority of game journalists knew it is dragging the industry down.

Masamori Sumimura3645d ago

How is it sad? It's only sad to fanboys that want the product to fail. The rest dont care. people just want to play games and have fun.

Game-ur3645d ago

Still don’t think they will make back the half a billion in ads, not to mention the other millions spent on purchasing 3rd party games. The casuals buy very few software.

With just 100m they could have made 3-4 AAA games

ConanOBrien3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Kinect to entice the casuals, kids, milfs, fams, cats n dogs

Move to entice the hardcores, homies, singles, lesbians


siyrobbo3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

they'll make back double the $500million in LIVE GOLD subscriptions this year alone

I wonder how far the $500million will stretch, it'll be a shame if they spend it all before Christmas and then have little to no advertising at all next year. One of the reasons the wii and Ds are so popular is Nintendos blanket advertising, they are still advertising mario kart after 3 years, which is why it continues to sell so damn well

joydestroy3645d ago

well that's all fine and dandy, but i won't be one of the ones picking this up for a while, if ever. i still haven't seen anything that interests my personal gaming tastes. so, while the tech may be innovative, you gotta have the software to back that up.

gamingdroid3645d ago

I'm pretty sure the $500 million ad money budgeted isn't spent in one sitting over the holidays. It is likely spread out for the fiscal year, but I would like any accessory to be properly supported. A large ad campaign like that certainly speaks volume of the support MS expects for Kinect.

Anyhow, is that half a billion dollars confirmed or is it just a rumor that has gotten propagated as truth?

Rampant3645d ago

Bu bu bu the xbox360 had a head start!

Death24943645d ago

I'm having with Kinect is Microsoft is acting like this has never been done before. PS2 has already tread those waters and it's install base was alot larger than Microsoft's

I just wish people would and realize what's about the happen to them. Sitting there with a $150 camera.

DaTruth3645d ago

Over six million+ Move controllers worldwide by Christmas... That's enough to ensure developer support for my Move controller and so that is enough for me!

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3645d ago

Once reviews and word gets out I don't see kinect selling well. Just look at any footage of the live demos and you'll understand why.

It does half of what the Wii-mote can do at triple the cost.

BulletToothtony3645d ago


lets wait until it actually comes out, shall we..

AAACE53645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

My question to Ps3 and 360 fanboys is....

If your console is doing so well, why do you care so much about what the other console does?

In life, a guy or girl who's confident in his/herself is only concerned about that! Those with security issues look for reasons to hate on someone else!

Do you really believe in your console as much as you think you do?

@Sku... NO! What drags the industry down is people who talk a lot about games and don't buy them! You should want all companies to do well.

Look at the game industry like a car. Nintendo, Sony, MS and Us gamers are like the wheels on the car. If either of us slack off or become deflated, the whole industry suffers. If the developers don't produce good games, we don't buy them. If they fail to get people interested in the games, we don't buy them. We don't buy them, they don't get as much funding for their next projects.

The industry suffered a little bit when Sega dropped out of console gaming, but we (including myself) had our heads so far up Sony's ass with the Ps2, we didn't notice!

I still don't know why you guys want MS to fail so badly! They challenge Sony to produce better quality games... you know... the one's you're so proud of! I guess you muct be ignorant enough to think that it would be better for MS to not be in gaming...

You know what, I just realized i'm trying to teach common sense to an idiot... i'm sorry! Go back to what you were doing!

Death24943645d ago

to understand is developers look at these numbers just as much as we do. You can sing the whole "sales don't matter" song all you want, but the reality is that they do matter. If you're system isn't selling then publishers won't think the profit will outweigh the development cost for that system. That way a game from a 3rd party developer might not make it to your system. It will also determine the lead platform for a multiplat game (I.E. Bayonetta).

R0me3645d ago

Maybe many people fall for kinect, but soon after, they realise how boring it is and wont buy any software.
Or they get cought by neighbours looking through the window and laughing at them, after that, they wont buy any software.

tacosRcool3644d ago

The wii is losing momentum so I don't think the Move or this will be big hits

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deadreckoning6663645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

@sku7790tz- So your saying that its sad for a business to spend money to market its product as best they can?? Ummm..okaay.

Also, how exactly is Kinect dragging the industry down?
The gaming industry is primarily funded by casual gamers. Kinect is the most innovative casual gaming device this generation. So wouldn't Kinect be helping the industry instead of dragging it down?

Next time.. back up what you say.

"the people who owned Move are real gamers that enjoy real games."

So according to you, people who get enjoyment out of Kinect aren't "real" gamers as well? Wow..just wow. I mean like really...WOW. People like you are the reason this industry is still looked down upon by many people. Unbelievable.

Game-ur3645d ago

"how exactly is Kinect dragging the industry down"

One word… Rare

They were one of the most talented dves in the industry, as good as ND, maybe even better, but MS tied them down with Kinect.

Masamori Sumimura3645d ago

Aren't you aware that Most of the Original Rare Cast had left the company Before singing the deal with Microsoft back in 2001 ?

if the new guys at Rare can't do any better then Kinect games it's not MS fault.

Game-ur3645d ago

Kameo was a step back on the right track; they didn’t give them a chance to build on it.

Christopher3645d ago

Sooo.... IDC is admitting that Kinect will result in a huge loss due to extreme marketing costs whereas Move will result in a large profit due to overpriced peripheral costs combined with standard marketing?

raztad3645d ago

"Move controller is expected to between 2 and 2.25 million units"

I'm happy with this prediction actually, regardless how much Kinect sells. EU is the main MOVE market, so it is safely to say it wont be ignored by developers.

Armyntt3645d ago

Where is everyone getting this half a billion ad campaign from? Is there a link id like to see it. I see the number thrown about but i havent seen M$ say that. Not sayin they arent i totally believe it but i want to see a reliable link.

avengers19783645d ago

it may at first but IMO in the long run Move will outsell Kinect.
1)No one can tell me that at least a small % of the people that reserved one won't be just sellling on ebay for a much inflated price.
2)IMO The kinects limitations will become very apparent to people once they get there hands on it. MS isn't preventing people from talking about it or reviewing it for no reason.
3)Move's best is yet to come and it has plenty of "Core" as well as "casual" games it appeals to a much larger varity of people. I mean have you seen Sorcery it's simply amazing.

RussDeBuss3645d ago

i have yet to see anything on this aimed at serious gamers, all casual market.

m$'s problme is that the market they are aiming at has already hit saturation point with the wii, shown by the fact that wii sales are declining.

a lot of casuals that bought a wii, bought one on the hype and gimmick factor, and many sit there not being used often, and not much software being bought for them.

a lot of these people are unlikely to want to do the same thing again, and people that but it on the gimmick and hype factor are again unlikley to spend lots on software, and with m$ pinning their hopes on this, and forgetting their key audience the more serious gamer i think they will get hurt

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units3645d ago

some move games require secondary controller

TheOldOne3645d ago

really which games?

cos i havent seen any games that REQUIRE you to hav 2 move controllers

Christopher3645d ago

TheOldOne is still correct. No game requires more than the standard controller (SixAxis or DS3) and the move wand. You do not need two wands or the subnav controller, but it is nice to have.

alb18993645d ago

the new fight game needs both controls.

Seferoth753645d ago

"Secondary controller" and you prove him completely right by naming off DS and Sixaxis while acting like he is completely wrong.. Gotta love Sony fans. I'll be laughing at you for a few months

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avengers19783645d ago

@seferoth I still find it funny your name comes from a Playstation exclusive game...
Plus isn't the kinect an extra or "secondary controller" as well. I mean if your talking Move wand and D3 controller as "secondary controller"

sku7790tz3645d ago

i really hope kinect will not sell so that microsoft will again revert back xbox360 of 2006 and 2007.

TheOldOne3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

the 360 of 2006/07 was amazing. It had all the games and exclusives. That was when 360 was the console to get. Then PS3 jus exploded with all these amazin exclusives.

The tables have really turned this gen.

kenkaniff3645d ago

Completely agree. Back then (2006/2007), I loved my xbox 360 and never planned on getting a PS3.I loved Crackdown, Halo 3, Gears of War and the Live arcade games but then the waterfall of games turned into a trickle. Uncharted was released and so I made the jump.

kenkaniff3645d ago

According to the disagree, I didn't enjoy my Xbox360 in 2006/2007

TheOldOne3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Kinect To Outsell PS3 Move in America, IDC Says

*Title fixed*

Is this really a surprise? 360 has always been outselling PS3 in the US. I would be shocked if Move outselled Kinect in the US.

sku7790tz3645d ago

the people who owned Move are real gamers that enjoy real games.

Killed4Less3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

And finally you go full troll.

Was wondering if you would run out of bubbles before breaking into full fanboy stupidity..

Move owners are "real" gamers? While everyone else is a fake gamer then??


RIP_Weazel3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Check it out. Conan 'O Brien looks like a troll, acts like a troll, but he's not a troll. Infantile, yes. Retarded, yes, trolling, no. You went full troll, man. Never go full troll.

rob60213645d ago

The problem it's being used to mislead everyone that doesn't pick up on the America part.

karim3645d ago

We'll Just Wait And See