Sony Management Discusses F2Q10 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

Game sales decreased 13% year-on-year to ¥171 billion. This is primarily due to a decrease in unit sales of PSP hardware and PS2 software, although PS3 hardware and software sales were strong. Operating results improved ¥54 billion year-on-year to ¥13 billion profit. This significant improvement resulted from the PS3 hardware cost reductions and an increase in unit sales of PS3 software despite the negative impact of exchange rates. As I mentioned earlier, the game business has been profitable for four consecutive quarters.

PS3 hardware sales units were 3.5 million units, more than 3.2 recorded in the same quarter last year when the new PS3 model was introduced. This was driven by an introduction hit software titles. We are on track to reach our target of 15 million units for the year. With the launch of the PlayStation Move in September and other actions momentum is growing for the year-end selling season.

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