Wii 'Can Never Be Considered to Have Lost Momentum,' says Iwata

Following Nintendo's disappointing fiscal results last week (the company lost $25 million on slumping Wii and DS sales), Nintendo President Satoru Iwata addressed investors, reminding them of how well the Wii is doing at this stage in its life compared to the best selling console of all time, Sony's PS2. Compared to the PS2 at the same stage in its lifecycle, the Wii has sold 27.14 million units after four years in the U.S. versus the PS2's 22.09 million.

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Game-ur3650d ago

After the Move and Kinect, the only thing the Wii has going for it is its low price, it may get a holiday boost as a gift, doesn't look good for them after that.

Seferoth753650d ago

Yes cause Move makes SMG, SMG2, MH, and so many others instantly playable on PS3...

donniebaseball3650d ago

I think you're right Game-ur.

Sinner101GR3650d ago

So...the lack of sales for a while now totally means there is "no lack of momentum."


donniebaseball3650d ago

Some people have crazy high expectations for Wii. Thing is in its fifth year, settle down folks

Eu3650d ago

some years ago, when Nintendo was supreme king of gaming...most players of today werent even playing games then....and Nintendo was a tyrant of a company. If you think Sony was 'over conmfident' (not to say arrogant...) in the beggining of this gen...its nothing compared with The big N in the 90's. We all know how that ended for Sony this gen...lets just hope Nintendo isnt going back to those days.

IF they dont offer something to those lovely, and ficle, casuals that keep printing money for them, others will enjoy this new market Ninty is letting slip over....