Sony Confirms PSP Phone

During a recent earnings call following the release of Sony's current financials, The PlayStation maker confirms the mounting rumors surrounding the new PSP Phone.

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ABizzel13650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

When does it come out, what all can it do, and what carriers will it be on.

That's what I want to know. It's time for me to get a new phone, and this has become a good contender between the phones I want.

Waiting on all the details make you lose would be buyers like myself.

TheOldOne3650d ago

about bloody time they confirmed it.

I wonder how much it would cost.

Brewski0073650d ago

This is a shocker...../s

Srsly though, this will be great, looking forward to hearing all the details. Really hope they get it right.... but since its sony, im sure they will !

Red_Orange_Juice3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

They confirmed a device, not a "PSP Phone", PSP2 will be PSP2 not a phone.

What does PSP Phone stand for according to thegameheadz? PlayStation Portable Phone? yea, portable phone, thats a good one

darthv723650d ago

to bad they cant just release an update for my GO to become one of these. It looks like it anyway. I guess it will be skype for me until this releases.

Hopefully sony wont lock into exclusivity and if they do...please dont let it be AT&T.

frostyhat1233650d ago

please dont be a att exclusive!

Kevin ButIer3650d ago

Dear Sony please dont get Rick Rolled with those bastards

hassi943650d ago

"What does PSP Phone stand for according to thegameheadz? PlayStation Portable Phone? yea, portable phone, thats a good one"

Technically it is perfectly reasonable to describe a phone as being portable or not. Your point falls flat.

TheLastGuardian3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

What ABizzel said.

@Hassi94 You can describe any cell phone as portable but the name Playstation Phone sounds better than Playstation portable phone.

I hope it can use AT&T but I will settle for another provider if I must. I hope it cost $200-250 with a 2 year contract. I need a new phone so hell yea I'm getting the Playstation phone.

visualb3650d ago

is this the rumored "PSP2" or will it be like the Go?

either way, risky move but hey, they have to tap it

lets hope it doesn't end up flopping

trancefreak3650d ago

Sh1t forget the phone I want the tablet with windows 7, firefox and psp2 and ps2 compatibility. Oh I dream!

I really wonder though Sony wants to expand the playstation store and with a tablet maybe it would be a modified version for the sony tablet. If thats the case I could see some form of gaming and with Sony all about gaming it could be a pssiblity.

Sarcasm3650d ago

I'm still a bit skeptical how it's going to turn out. If anything we'll see it by E3?

DORMIN3650d ago


Its kind of funny that this site is still the only source.
If it was actually confirmed all the big name sites would be all over this.

zeeshan3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I highly doubt it'll be exclusive to a certain mobile service companies like ATT, Verizon etc which I believe will be a good move on Sony's part.

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avengers19783650d ago

This could be great, but the carrier may be a huge problem... let's see what they do with that.

MikeGdaGod3650d ago

damn it i just got an iPhone 4!!!

duplissi3650d ago

lol... just wait for the psp2....
as for me screw games on a phone.. for the most part they suck, thats why im probably gonna get either the samsung epic, htc evo or speedy come feb. heck i hardly ever play games on my psp- its mostly used for remote play.

DigitalAnalog3650d ago

It seems to me that the extra "power" is needed to power the other functions of the phone while being PSP compatible. I see no usage of UMD which would mean downloading games would have to end up on the PSN store. From my understanding, a lot of PSP games do not make it there which may piss off a few consumers. Granted that device (as opposed to the Go) can conveniently download on the fly using 3G service. It may have a stronger following than the previous re-iteration.

The only other question is what type of audience this PSP phone is going to be marketed to?

-End statement

PS360fanboy3649d ago

This looks so awesome but is it a next gen PSP or a reinvention of the Go?

TheLastGuardian3649d ago

It's a go phone lol I hope the screen is 720p and it will probably have a touch screen. I hope the games come on mini blu rays or something like that.

tacosRcool3649d ago

I hope it comes out for verizon!

jeseth3649d ago

I would rather buy a gaming phone from Sony or Nintendo. The exclusive games that the two companies could put on a phone would be awesome!!!

Never mind all the other awesome technology Sony always intergrates into new products.

Date Please . . .

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Tommykrem3650d ago

Goddamn it. I don't know why, but I didn't really want this.
Full fledged PSP 2! That's what I want.

But I'm sure a PlayStation Phone can't be too bad.
Hope they nail it, though.

TheColbertinator3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

599 US Dollars

You will need a third job to get it

PSP Phone will have 5D games


rrw3650d ago

don't worry. carrier will subsidize it into $199 like iphone

silvacrest3650d ago

if you get it with a carrier expect it to be 199 on a two year contract

Fan Tastic3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Your monthly rate subsidizes it. They pay up front, and they take it from rear month after month after month.

duplissi3650d ago

well some subsidized phones run for 299 like the dell streak or 249 like the droid x.

Pedobear Rocks3650d ago

that had Colbertinator's comment go over their heads is worrisome.

Takoulya3650d ago

The reference is hilarious, though XD

duplissi3650d ago

lol yeah... who said that originally was it kaz? ken? or phil harrison?

peeps3650d ago

it wont be like buying an expensive devise though. i mean an iphone 4 is around £400+ but no-one pays that. they just get it for free and pay a contract (cost towards mobile usage and devise).

i mean even my android phone would have cost nearly £400 but i paid 100 when i bought it and pay 10 a month.

yewles13650d ago

I bet you got a $600 iPhone at launch. XD

yewles13650d ago

I bet you got a $600 iPhone at launch. XD

yewles13650d ago

I bet you got a $600 iPhone at launch. XD

ijkabob3650d ago

lol good use of all 3 of your comments

insomnium3650d ago

He gave the comment in 3D :)

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redDevil873650d ago

I hope it looks nice and sleek. Sony better not charge a stupid high price for it though.

divideby03650d ago

not enough info to even comment

so many factors next year.. PsP2, Verzion and iPhone, new DS.....

NAGNEWS3650d ago

but you couldn't resist?