Ten Things That Crippled This Generation

These are ten things in no particular order that I feel have negatively affected this generation.

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Cold 20003650d ago

I would say the emphasis on multiplayer. I so do not give a shizznit about online play. I play online from time to time but single player experiences is where its at.

theonlylolking3650d ago

DVD! It capped devs to making game on 1 disc instead of two if they could not use more than 1 for money reasons.

Xander-RKoS3650d ago

That journalist thing is definitely true. This generation everyone seems to have decided that gaming is "super serious business" and think that calling someone "not a gamer" is an insult.

Whatever happened to playing games because they were fun? Cut out all this ego crap.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3650d ago

The list forgot about releasing games before they were finished and then patching them on the fly. Unlike some games that are ready for a month and then have to "launch" on a certain day to create mass hysteria or to trick consumers into buying a junk ass game (GTA4), others that need extra time to be finished/tested then released are rushed out the door to make a quick buck only to screw the community who purchased it.

I suppose you could somewhat lump that in with DLC, in that some games left out content to make you purchase it. Assasins Creed 2 looking at you and not buying the 3rd game because of it. Gamefly will get the money you could have received. Test your games before they are shipped/add the content rather than screwing your customers for a quick dlc. --> (DAY 1 DLC that costs needs to go, along with anyone who buys into that garbage. You encourage a company to screw their fans)