GameInformer: What You Need to Know about Metal Gear Solid Rising

GameInformer caught up with Metal Gear Solid Rising producer Shigenobu Matsuyama, who has provided details on the latest entry in the franchise.

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slyrunner3273d ago

PC!!, does this mean its coming for it or waht! People learn how to flippin tag!! people actually look at it!

DRIIV3273d ago

It is coming out for the pc as well.

Fishy Fingers3273d ago

Yeah it's PC too, hopefully it doesnt get shafted and releases at the same time.

jay23273d ago

Because it was confirmed for PC years ago.......

Christopher3273d ago

Is all the stuff we already learned from E3. Gotcha.

cmrbe3273d ago

regardless of weather Kojima is fully involved or not. I think it might surprise everyone.

Buffniceguy3273d ago

I am buying it period Raiden was straight up a beast in Mgs4 even Grey Fox was like "dammmm he got skills" XD

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The story is too old to be commented.