Top Six Video Games Censored Because of Violent Content

GB writes: "Video games are forever the scapegoats of the media industry. Apparently, video games are all powerful contriving machinations that can be single handedly held responsible for all that is wrong with society today. So, did your kid just blow off the head of his school friend with an assault rifle today?"

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Shubhankar3645d ago

Interesting list. I would add God of War and Ninja Gaiden, though.

Valay3645d ago

Haha. I remember the Manhunt 2 craziness.

halocursed3645d ago

The list is missing the Punisher!

cyborg3645d ago

Resident Evil games and Postal?

gameseveryday3645d ago

They never had any censored scenes and Postal is already present in the list.

Dan503645d ago

Gore was toned down in some countries and a smoking scene was taken out.

mrv3213645d ago

That was I hate about censoring, they censor legal stuff like smoking but MURDER and shooting two ILLEGAL activities are fine.

If I made a game about shooting zombies drunk I would be more likely to be denied for the drinking than the murder of zombies.

Also who here would play a game where Alcohol makes you immune to the Zombie virus and must balance out ones health with booze... infact... Activision needs a new yearly CoD series how about

CoD: Champagne or Death

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The story is too old to be commented.