Not just motions, also emotions for Kinect in the future

Shannon Loftis and Alex Kipman were invited by CBS News to show Kinect Adventures and explain the future that Microsoft envisions with Kinect. The future is bright, as Microsoft aims to totally change the way in how we interact with technology – make it natural. Besides that, Microsoft also tries to make sure Kinect understands emotions in the near future.

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TheOldOne3652d ago

now thats pretty interesting. too bad the video didnt go into detail about kinect understanding emotions.

madjedi3651d ago

Sorry worthless video, data wise on reading emotions, great free marketing for ms.

But i have a feeling this will be as impressive as the milo demo from e3 a yr or 2 ago, pay no attention to the man on the computer and focus on milo.

If it actually had something tangible or something concrete to show off, then it might actually be worthwhile, but looks like more smoke and mirrors to me.