Rumour: The Darkness 2 may have the 'most advanced animation system yet to be seen in a game engine'

SystemLink: "In case you missed it, The Darkness 2 is currently being handled, or co-handled, by Digital Extremes, who've done work on the Bioshock 2 multiplayer, as well as the hugely underrated 'Dark Sector'. Not much is known about the sequel, apart from that it may well have some sort of multiplayer component. However, a LinkedIn profile gives a very bold claim away."

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Valay3646d ago

I'll believe it when I see it!

kharma453646d ago

Pretty much my thoughts too!

nycredude3646d ago

I don't give a shit about the animation just make the freaking game. I am probably on of 10 people who loved the first one!!! I still have it!

Nineball21123646d ago

I actually just played the game again about a week ago. I had forgotten how much fun it was.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3646d ago

this was a hidden gem, this was one of the better early ps3 games.

StanLee3646d ago

Same here. It was one of the first games I got when I bought an XBox 360. To me it is one of the best games this generation.

snoopgg3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

The graphics were right up there at the time. What I loved about this game was the story, and how by the end you were this powerful motherfark, that could really tear into these mobsters with guns. I'm really looking foward to the second one.

UltraNova3646d ago

I loved it too, cant wait for the next one.

BillOreilly3646d ago

yes you were i popped it in saw the getaway/chase at the beginning got all hyped until i stood up and realized i walk like a fu**** SNAIL..... worst controlls ever period. i dont care how cool it is the graphics exc. the game was broken and boring because of it, add a run button and i MIGHT consider it.

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avengers19783645d ago

Wait there making a Darkness 2... WHY?
Plus I agree with @Valay prove it, don't talk about it.

sku7790tz3646d ago

no need. naughty dog and guerilla games have advanced game animation system already.

hennessey863646d ago

gaming shoukd constantly evovle and get better. I garuntee uc3 will have better animation that uc2 its called progression

ClownBelt3646d ago

His comment makes sense actually. Just try to understand it better.

Now it's debatable if it's true or not.

TheColbertinator3646d ago

"who've done work on the Bioshock 2 multiplayer"

I stopped reading there

Pandamobile3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

They're also the creators of the Unreal Tournament series, so give them some credit.

jony_dols3646d ago

I loved the darkness's SP, but the MP was rubbish.

Bioshocks MP was fun enough, at least it'll be an improvement!

Bigbangbing3646d ago

Well, the first had the worst, so it make sense.. or..

rekof3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

U2 animation work is crazy,..Doubt anything will touch it soon ,.. Gow3 is crazy also,.. Kratos cheek bones move like mofo when he breaths,.. That game still shocks the shit out of me,.. Sometimes I just play it till hades,.. just to see how great it looks,..

Can wait to see the some of the Darkness 2 ,.. pretty strange concepts in a first person shooter game,.. I actually found it somewhat interesting and refreshing,.. What a strange game,.. but somewhat cool,..

AKS3646d ago

"U2 animation work is crazy,..Doubt anything will touch it soon"

Probably not for awhle, but I'd say there's a game coming out a year from now that may take Uncharted 2's animation title:

Incredible animation! It's going to be difficulty to top this one.

Eamon3646d ago

Kratos, That's facial motion capture for cutscenes. I believe we are talking about animations for actual gameplay.

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