GameSpot gives 8.5/10 to GRAW 2

2006's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter was rightly acclaimed to be one of the first truly next-generation games, thanks to its intense gameplay and luscious graphics. Of course, it shipped only for the Xbox 360, given that the PlayStation 3 was still in gestation at the time. Now that it's 2007, Ubisoft has delivered the first GRAW game for the PS3. However, instead of presenting the original GRAW, Ubisoft has instead provided Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, the sequel that was delivered on the Xbox 360 earlier this year. That's sort of like starting a book in the middle, but to be fair, the GRAW games are less about story and more about shooting things up with next-generation weaponry.

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SabreMan4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

played this for the first time online last night and it's superb, none of the problems that plague the oline aspect of R6 Vegas.
it's been very well received on the ps3 and so it should be, at last a cracking conversion of the superb 360 version and by all accounts improved upon

PS360PCROCKS4071d ago

I hate the be the ass to point this out "Also, the PS3 suffers from a bit more aliasing than the Xbox 360, the colors are duller, and the frame rate struggles at times." This is so ridiculous, it shouldn't be THAT hard devs, damn.

SabreMan4071d ago

offcourse all you have stated is mainly down to what display you use and resolution you have set on your ps3/tv, i see no jaggies or dull colours on my plasma and the frame rate hasn't stuttered (yet)

it looks plays and sounds stunning

bumnut4071d ago

i hated the fact that you can't join a game that has already started, they should have taken the cod3 approach.

i got sick of waiting for 20 mins for the lobby to fill, only for me or a friend to be disconnected and not be able to rejoin because the game has started.

you only truly realise how poor the online is when you are playing with 6 - 8 friends and 4 of them get disconnected.

marcindpol4071d ago

people just play WARHAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!

nasim4071d ago

However we have time for nothing other than WOWHAWK

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