Xbox LIVE and Games for Windows LIVE Terms & Conditions Updated

Following the launch of the new Xbox 360 dashboard this morning, and ahead of the release of Kinect with it’s video chat and improved voice communication features, Microsoft has updated the Xbox LIVE terms and conditions. In order to continue using Xbox LIVE, gamers must agree to the new terms and conditions either online or directly on their console.

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HornyHaggis3650d ago

How is this news at all? Since when has anyone actually cared about T&C's?

mrv3213650d ago

agree... sorry I saw T&C and I did what EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD does and click agree, MAYBE every once and a while we scroll to the bottom and click agree.

tinybigman3650d ago

I don't read those things, just click agree and keep it moving.

alex33693650d ago

so can this guy like idk maybe sum up the changes cause no one cares enough to read that..... is there even anything important haha

AAACE53649d ago

I know right! We didn't read that shit when they wanted us to, so why would we now! Even if someone does break one of their rules, all they will tell these comapnies is to go f themselves! The companies won't try to sue, because it would be wasteful to spend all of that cash on legal fees when the end user will just say I won't pay it, send me to jail!

Very few gamers have enough cash to make it worthwhile for a company like MS or anyone else to sue them. Occasionally, they will make an example out of someone just to keep people scared!

buddman3650d ago

must've been a slow day in the office -
....& not even a summary