The Top 7... Most satisfying one-hit boss kills

SPOILER ALERT | Bosses are always hard. They require more hits than regular enemies, carry energy bars that turn out to be a clever disguise for yet more energy bars and go to work every day after a breakfast of spinach and girders. That's a high-iron diet if ever we saw one. And iron is HARD. Anyway, some games just like to be different and let you best their biggest baddies with one single shot. Here are the seven games that do so most satisfyingly…

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catguykyou3649d ago

Mine would be Star Ocean 2. I had an ability/item that gave me a extremely small chance of instant KO on an enemy that I hit. Never saw it activate in the game until I hit the last boss, first time. Boom, dead. I didn't know what happened. Thought it was part of the story until the ending cinema started playing. When I realized what happened. I was pretty excited.