Thumbs Up for Microsoft

IN SOME WAYS, MICROSOFT has been on a spectacular run over the past 10 years. The company posted $23 billion in revenue in the June 2000 fiscal year; in fiscal 2010, it generated close to $63 billion. That's an increase of 174%, or about $40 billion.

Think that's easy to do? Well, consider this: In 2010, Google (ticker: GOOG) is expected to have revenue of $22 billion; Research In Motion (RIMM), $20 billion; Intel (INTC), about $44 billion. Microsoft's profits have grown, too, hitting $2.10 a share in 2010, versus 85 cents in 2000.

And how have Microsoft shareholders been rewarded for this astonishing growth? With a big frosty mug of red ink: Over the 10 years, the stock (MSFT) has declined 22%.

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