Warhawk Review

This is a review that covers everything there is about Warhawk from 4 Player Split Screen online to all the different combat systems in the game., including the game types.


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the worst4093d ago

every ps3 owner this is a must buy
its fun
its fast
no lag at all
easy 2 pick up a learn
its the best thing out now

gokuss1220024093d ago

psn id: T-Bone5000

need help with DLNA, i can see the server (my computer), but i keep getting network error when trying to access anything.

Also I need psn friends. only game I have is godfather, which doesn't really allow me gain any friends.

THX a million.

Very sorry about the off topic comment.

P.S. if anyone would be so gracious as to grant me 1 of there 5 psn game downloads, I would really appreciate it. I only have Godfather and demo's

s8anicslayer4093d ago

+++A game, i see sony's headed in the right direction

MikeGdaGod4093d ago

hey i'm having problems getting the split-screen going while online

what am i doing wrong?

chasegamez4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

when it start just pust start on the other controller
(reply)Disagree lol
o well it worked 4 me
(reply2) yea press home 2 turn on the controller
look at your controller the red light should be on the #2
start the game up and press start with the second controller
it will split the screen

MikeGdaGod4093d ago

ok, but do i press start at the home screen or when i'm already in the game?

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