Red Dead Redemption for Game of the Year: Does the Undead Nightmare pack strengthen it's chance?

With the recent release of the Undead Nightmare downloadable content package for Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption out for nearly a week now, and the near-perfect review scores it has been receiving, many of us have been re-visiting the open-world, old west adventure game. While most of us had our copies sitting on the shelf and in some cases, collecting dust, the Undead Nightmare pack with a fantastic campaign add-on, has us playing again, and re-experiencing RDR, a game that when we first played earlier this year, gave us our first real immersive journey through the wild west.

What else does Rockstar have in store for the Marstons? More DLC or an entirely new sequel?

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fanboybeater13644d ago

Definitely. I'm playing it right now and I'm hooked.

kmr19773644d ago

Yes, I agree. But does DLC count towards the original game when websites are trying to consider who is going to get game of the year?

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

My vote would have to go to God of War 3 no question.

RDR? Hard to believe a buggy game like that would even be nominated could but that it says a lot about the story/acting/direction. Still a great game though.

I'm still pissed that killed off John. >:|

Perjoss3644d ago

you should remove that major spoiler, there may be still some people that have not finished the game... I only finished the main story 5 days ago.

zootang3644d ago

I want it to win at least 1 game of the year so I can get all content on one disk.

guru95353644d ago

me too....if they do make all the content on one disc, that will win game of the year next year too! LOL, JK.

360nPS3rTheSAME3644d ago

"all my content on one disc that I own" yummmmm :)

blizzard_cool3644d ago

Does anyone know what's the name of that epic song that plays before the last mission in UN?

JamieLeeC933644d ago

I think it's I Wanna Kill, Kill, Kill (Alright!)by Kreeps. It sounds very similar.

George Sears3644d ago

Read Dead Redemption with or without the Undead Nightmare pack is my personal GOTY. I have zero complaints from this game. Everything about it just works so damn great. The details towards the horses, the distinct yet similar gameplay from past R* sandbox games; this time, perfected. The graphics and its atmosphere just makes you feel like you are in those eras, in those areas. Mexico feels like Mexico, Mexicans act and talk like Mexicans. Same goes with New Austin.

From the crazy demented people, the rednecks, the lawmen, the army towards more simple things like playing Poker, Blackjack, arm wrestling, Mexican Showdowns everything jut feels right. John's personality and story background is a lot more intriguing than past R* games. He truly is one of my favorite main characters, something that not many new IP's from this gen have been able to give me for a while.

You really owe it to yourself to try this game if you haven't. I will assure you that you will like it. Just keep in mind that its 1911. So don't think you will be roaming with tanks and using tactical nukes.

clank5433644d ago

Me too. I loved this game to death and have replayed it twice since I got it. Just amazing. I liked Mass Effect 2 and God of War 3, and I'm sure they will win some game of the years as they should, but for me RDR wins it by a mile.

zero_gamer3644d ago

Undead Nightmare sets the perfect example of what a $9.99 piece of DLC should've been in the first place. Not only that, but the DLC alone is worth more than many of my 60 dollar games combined. Got my money's worth and some.

SSKILLZ3644d ago

God of war 3 will be GOTY or GT5

Perjoss3644d ago

heh, driving games do not ever make GOTY, no matter how good, unless you count stuff like GTA as a driving game.

SSKILLZ3644d ago

true but you never know

Lirky3644d ago

in 1911 no one expected a free-roam sandbox game that would be so big for its era, Mafia II is small but in that era a sandbox game could of been bigger.

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