GoW dev: PSP power can rival some PS3 games

Sony's PSP has the power to produce games which not only match the output on PS2, but in some cases titles on the PS3, Ready at Dawn co-founder and creative director Ru Weerasuriya has told

Asked if the PSP has a future as a gaming platform, Weerasuriya said: "It can. It can if you make it more attainable, on the software side, on the ease of use, on the PSN side. Yes you can get there but I think PSP as a platform, as purely a hardware, technologically: it's an awesome platform. It does things that not many people know it can do."

He added: "Just power-wise, it is something that can rival a lot of games if not the majority of games on PS2 and even some on PS3.

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DontShoot-Me-Bro3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

When he says the PSP power wise can handle some PS3 games, i assume he means some multi-platform games on the PS3. not exclusive first party games on PS3. that would be just plain madness!

Shanks3648d ago

You assumed correctly.

Hideo_Kojima3648d ago

Or maybe even PSN Games.
They are PS3 games too.

But seriously can you imagine playing a game with graphics like Resistance or Motorstorm on a portable console?

I spend 45 minutes everyday on the train to college so this would be perfect for me I would get so much time to play AAA PSP2 games.

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jony_dols3648d ago

I think he means crappy movie tie in games, and shovalware titles.

f7897903648d ago

Yeah definitely. Which isn't saying much. At best the PSP can have games looking as good as a PS2 game. What excites me is if the PSP2 will have a few games that look as good as PS3 games. O_o OMG!!

Bull5hifT3648d ago

What does "this^" mean like your pointing it out

rekof3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Minis and some PSN stuff probably,.. Though new GOW looks really incredible,.. Mind-boggling great,.. I would not mind it getting a high resolution release as gow1 and gow2,.. but it is cool on psp,..

firelogic3648d ago

Even the crappiest game out there on the PS3 can't be done as good or better on a PSP. It's just not technologically possible.

visualb3648d ago

other than the fact that he can

why else would he say such a thing. he's only part of the team that made the best looking PSP game and possibly best looking handheld game ever...

/s =P

SuperM3648d ago

I assure you. If you look good enough you will find PS3 games so utterly terrible looking you'd think it was made for the PSP

visualb3648d ago

thats why the devs statement stands true.

he's not saying you can pull off GOWIII.

VandimionX3648d ago

yup, otherwise they would have I'm sure.

irepbtown3648d ago

'PS3 Games so utterly terrible looking'
I think you need glasses.

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princejb1343648d ago

fear graphics was bad on ps3
fear 2 of course was gorgeous

Nicaragua3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Disgaea 3 would work fine on the PSP - in fact it would look better on the PSP.

Greek God3648d ago

i have disgaea3 on ps3
but i would buy it again for psp
portable is so much better

Trroy3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

So... you haven't played Last Rebellion then?

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matey3648d ago

so this is my point why the wii with kirby/epic mickey/last story/ect look better than ps3 in my eyes and 3DS is almost as powerful as wii ie why u see 3DS games looking like wii/ps3 pure graphics has nothing to do with clock speed but what ur GPU can actually do HDR?AA?MOTION NLUR ect all at once at 60fpf wii can do that psp can not

Nicaragua3648d ago

Right thats it, no more crack for you.

knowledge4lfe3648d ago

ummm whatever you are on , please tell me. i do not ever wanna go near that drug

irepbtown3648d ago

I would love it. Wii games would look better than PS3 games.

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