Kinect Dashboard: The beginning of the end?

CVG: Is it wrong to let a Dashboard worry me? Should I really let a superficial, skin-deep tweak play on my mind?

I've always been an over thinker, maybe it's just me, but my beloved Xbox has changed.

Why have, bright, solid, green and yellow ribbons replaced the orbiting of a newly born, Planet Xbox eclipse on start-up, for example?

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Parapraxis3646d ago

The new dashboard is sh*t.

darthv723646d ago

a 'little' bit a learning curve but nothing complicated.

Fast and smooth and much easier to access the different areas with much less button presses.

I like it.

acky13646d ago

No one likes change...the amount of people who complain on facebook when it changes slightly is ridiculous but after two weeks not a word is said of it.

And I bet if it was to change back people would complain.

It's unlikely that a change in a user interface will be a change for the worse, it just takes a while to adjust.

gigaware3646d ago Show
Close_Second3646d ago

...the PS3 XMB was fast. Try pulling it up mid game and it crawls along.

darthv723646d ago

if there is one itty bitty nerve pressing thing would have to be the new netflix interface. Adding the search makes it on par with both the ps3 and wii version (for those that DONT know, both of those are the same now). Yet in making it ready for kinect also makes it limited in the amount of choices you see. It too is flat left-right.

I was really hooked on the cool isometric look. As with the video section, the new netflix is super quick and much cleaner to view. Until the Wii/PS3 versions, the 360 had the best interface.

So far, the wii, ps3 and 360 have all had updates to the netflix app. Now if i can just get LG to get me a new one for my BD570.

ShabbaRanks3646d ago

Not really, its like laggy when you change between icons and folders. . . Probably because kinect laggs and its a nice way to hide how crappy it will be when using it to browse the interface.

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JsonHenry3646d ago

To me it is mostly just a shell change. The menus work exactly the same, every thing is in the same place, and it is "cleaner" to look at. If it is in fact faster than it must be so slight I can't tell. However, the interface is a lot easier for the eye to digest and is much more presentable than the last update. (IMO, so take it for what it cost you)

darthv723646d ago

i was in the beta and I have 2 360's. I did some speed testing for things like going in and out of the game marketplace and video marketplace. The speed it would load up a video and even signing in to live.

Overall then new dash was quite a bit faster. I am guessing they are using the newer sliverlight for video streaming. So crisp and quick to load. As if they cut down on the number processes and requests to get the job done. Rather than make you wait up front, they do it all in the background without being intrusive to the content.

It is rather flat though. Having played on the original dash for so long you just get used to things. It is a nice upgrade or crossgrade (if that makes sense). I could suggest that they work on translucent (as opposed to transparent) panels. That way you could see a bit more of the background theme.

iPad3646d ago

Is it just me or does it look like the XMB?

Navigation wise

darthv723646d ago

the xmb has always seemed to try and mimic the basic 360 user panel (the one specific to the individual).

The new look is kinect friendly. That's all.

Biggest3646d ago

Which came first? The Sony XMB (Dec. 2003) or the Xbox 360 user panel (Nov. 2005)?

They may or may not have any similarities, but it's clear which one would have been influenced first.

IHateYouFanboys3646d ago

the XMB just 'copied' every other menu structure in existence though - left to right menu items, top to bottom sub-items. this is the way websites and programs have done it since computers first got invented.

people act like the XMB revolutionised menus lol.

Parapraxis3646d ago

Okayyy, it's not that bad, just feel like it's a Kinect/avatar overload.
I also find it took a little getting used to.
I really wish there was an option to get rid of my avatar all together. If there is somebody tell me how!

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YOUR-MUM3646d ago

What a well thought out reply.

Clarence3646d ago

This article is right on point.

lowcarb3646d ago

Well at least this is listed under opinion.

AwakenTheTaco3646d ago

i only like the updated audio codec and how fast the system is working now. bring back the blades.

shazui1233646d ago

and they weren't exactly amazing to begin with :(

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