Gameinformer | Kinect, Kinect, Kinect--Weekly Roundup 11/1

This week Microsoft launches its Kinect peripheral, which adds motion- and voice-tracking capabilities to the Xbox 360. Oprah and Ellen's audiences seemed to love it, and it'll be interesting to see if that kind of mainstream enthusiasm translates into big sales. If you're not into flailing around, this week also sees the release of a pair of James Bond games, car-combat game Blood Drive, and Babysitting Mama.

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btk3650d ago

Good luck to all the XB360 fans and Kinect buyers. Let us know how the games work when you get them. I think many of us who are not planning to buy it, and who don't believe MS PR are still interested in seeing how the experience is with real gamers after they had it in their hands for a few days.

prettyboy13649d ago

nah im jokin we all know the answer to that lol