I Don't Want The "EnjoyableDisc" Gamertag

Some gamers need help with creating their Xbox Live gamertag. The new fall update is here to help. It provides a more user friendly way of doing it: spinning a wheel. But its suggestions? They need work.

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Hades13373646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Shotgun MidweekChimp.

r1sh123645d ago

lol..People that would use this way to make GT are plain boring.
Why not think of one yourself..Its not hard.

RockmanII73645d ago

step 1 - put down something you love and something you don't mind people calling you

step 2 - put 2-5 numbers down after your name

SixZeroFour3645d ago

only do step 2 if it says step 1 was already taken

my friend chose this way to make his gamertag when he first started, and he has no way of explaining what "unbidtrigger" means, hence the reason he cant complain about anyone elses gamertags ahaha

Fishy Fingers3645d ago

They need to employ a Steam like method. Have your orginal sign in name that your details are linked to, but allow you to change your display name as and when you want.

Ok, it makes tracing people and meeting new friends easier, but being locked to one name is just a pain.

The BS Police3645d ago

It's called a digital name for a reason, I've been using the same Gamertag since 2006 and I see no reason to change it. Why? Because it's my digital identity and everyone knows me buy my GT!

r1sh123645d ago

@the BS police..
You are right, I havent changed my GT since I made it.
I will not change it, its unique, I like it and most people know me by that name.
Im not sure if youve noticed but when I do play with friends, even if they change their GT I still call them by the original GT they used.

Fishy Fingers3645d ago

Thats fair enough, some people like to stick to one name, but having the option wouldnt force you to change it.

The BS Police3645d ago

If people could cosntantly change their GT all the time for free alot of users would abuse it.

Fishy Fingers3645d ago

Perhaps, but I've never really seen it as a problem on any Steam games, very rarely do I see a name that I'd consider offensive.

gamingdroid3645d ago

Yeah, I like the fact that you can't just shift your identity at will without some penalty.

That way, people identify more with their online identity and prevents people from abusing the system, then just changing their gamertag name or just create a new account altogether.

mandf3645d ago

Having name changes just gives the cheaters a chance to change its' identity. One name is your identity. If you're known as a cheat or a rascist live with it. Having one name should keep people honest and on good behavior.

visualb3645d ago

WTF? i find those way weirder than enjoyabledisc...however that clearly shows somethings very wrong with this random name generator

funny =)

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Masamori Sumimura3645d ago

EnjoyableDisc Roflmaooooooooooooooo.

Bounkass3645d ago

And how, exacly, is this news? Wtf?

visualb3645d ago

its under "article".

if you want to have just news articles, change your filters.

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