Playing is Believing: A TERA Story

GameZone partnered up with En Masse Entertainment, and walks readers through their journey of unveiling their upcoming action MMORPG, TERA, to the masses.

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FakeKisser3643d ago

Great coverage from GZ! I am very interested in trying TERA out for myself. I would have loved to have gotten my hands on it at E3 or PAX, but I'll keep my eyes on GZ for more coverage, until I get to try it. :)

CombineElite3643d ago

Don't know if this or anything else is a World of Warcraft killer but so far it looks pretty darn good especially the real time combat.

alee3643d ago

Sounds interesting. I look forward to reading future articles in this series. I hope they'll tell us more about what makes TERA special.

athmaus3643d ago

Never heard of this game...thx for the info

RogueCheddar3642d ago

This actually looks pretty cool.