Amazing Offer: Win a Xbox 360 and Kinect every 15 minutes at BK!

Gamingbolt: Don’t want to spend big bucks buying Kinect? Fret not, you can win one every 15 minutes thanks to Burger King now!

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3651d ago
cyborg3651d ago

by registering you can get 6 codes which you can enter every 15 minutes. You don't even need to go visit a BK to have a chance at winning one of these awesome bundles.

Christopher3651d ago

That's 2,784 less sales. I wonder what the expected rate of potential new buyer will be for each of those free items? Got to be good for at least 10x the rate of what they're giving away in the one month.

I see November and December just being dominated by Kinect sales. Could even turn into the hot item to have for Christmas. But, I think that will be for people who already own 360s, I'm not sure new people will be sold into buying a console and a camera so much.

prongs1233651d ago

I just applied. Fingers crossed. :D

gameseveryday3651d ago

Already getting Kinect, so wont try this. But please let me know how this pans out.

BigKev453651d ago

Yeah I made fake email accounts so I can get keep getting free codes. HEHE.

cyborg3651d ago

I will try doing that too XD

CrAnKiTuP_013651d ago

The first 360 I win will be to keep, but the seconds will just be sold. xD

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The story is too old to be commented.