IGN: The Fight: Lights Out Review

IGN: Since its release, early adopters of the PlayStation Move have been looking for new experiences tailored to mature and core audiences. The Fight: Lights Out is Sony's first real attempt to cater the PS Move towards these markets by providing violent and gritty bare-knuckle boxing action. Is this game a contender? Or is it destined to take a beating?

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Joule3269d ago

Man I wanted this game to be good...

Forbidden_Darkness3269d ago

Me too, ohh well, i'd still like a demo to try it for myself. It's okay though, there's too many other games coming out anyways

inveni03269d ago

If they would have went 1:1 with this title, people would have been much happier.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3269d ago

Only the special attacks are gesture based.

syanara3269d ago

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Ive been trying to tell people this on my podcast and in person since the game was announced! All the controls are based on certain gestures and not direct control. you might as well use a controller if you are going to be using only certain moves!

DaTruth3268d ago

I don't think this game will be good and have no interest in it; That said, I would wait for a more credible review and some users to make a judgment if I were interested!

And yes, this entire comment was just to take a shot at IGNorant!

Rush3268d ago

Man all the 12 year old are using that silly IGN skit nowa days.

Doesn't it get old of using some tard motto some kid thought up in his parents basement.

You sound like Micheal Jackson, "Micheal do you think it's wrong to sleep with other peoples children?"

No that's IGNorant....

MmaFanQc3268d ago

i will wait for more reviews.

MikeGdaGod3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

i could tell this game sucked months ago. i'd rather play Gladiator on Sports Champion...much more enjoyable

Sheikh Yerbouti3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

I was actually pumped about it then saw some footage that turned me off afterwards. you punch a lot air and the camera is poor.

The one game I thought was lame is my favorite Move casual title, Tumble.

ExplosionSauce3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

I remember when they gave DragonBall GT: Final Bout a 3/10.
Yet I played that game(JP version) before and had A LOT of fun with it.

Few years later I saw the review for it on IGN and was like "it was not that bad".

I'm not really defending this game(cause I don't care for it, lol) Just wanted to share that, idk.

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Vojkan3269d ago

i called it months ago

Anon19743269d ago

You'd see all the other Move demonstrations and they'd all look half decent - and then they'd show "The Fight" and everything would come to a grinding halt.

MisterNiwa3269d ago

And so did I, because I actually played it some time ago and it was a total mess.

GamingGamer3268d ago

gesture based moves??? what is this wii??

dev should use Move's full capabilities instead of going back to that crap gesture based

3268d ago
k-Lan3268d ago

"gesture based moves??? what is this wii??"

Ummmm? May i say yes? With better graphics. This game looks absolutely horrible. I laughed when i read comments about waiting for a credible review. What would that be? A review by PSLS? lmao!

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WildArmed3269d ago

Oh, for a second I thought you were being sarcastic.

Mainly because all of it's pre-views of this game really didn't sound positive.
And quite frankly after the gameplay I've seen, I didn't expect much :(

I've been more interested to see how Sorcery is coming along for the PS Move side of the PS3 games.

TVippy3268d ago

Then when Sorcery fails as miserebly you'll say you're waiting for another title and so on. It's old news.

k-Lan3268d ago


I notice you're getting used to how the Playstation supporters roll.

joydestroy3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

ditto man. wtf happened??? pretty disappointed

well, i hope Sorcery does a lot better. that game looks so cool

Omega Zues3269d ago

out of all the titles, Sorcery does look impressive with tons of promise.

Killed4Less3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

^^^ hahaha so he goes on to list a bunch of shoe-horned Move games.

All those games you list play better with a controller. Sorry, this was the first ground up core title for Move and it flopped..

And people wanted to give Kinect crap about it's Fighting game. Even though I'm not expecting much better scores.

EDIT: This comment was meant for shazui123

Mr_Bun3269d ago ShowReplies(2)
visualb3269d ago

is all it should have been

should have been released with sports champions

TheLastGuardian3269d ago

My favorite game journalist played this back at E3 and said it felt like a tech demo. I knew this game wouldn't be any good I just didn't want to say anything because I knew would get swormed with disagrees since it's a PS3 exclusive. I might still buy it if I decide to get a second move.

gluv653269d ago

Here is Iwaggle3D Picture in Picture Video Reveiw and as always his review or preview is awesome, both good and bad.

jack_burt0n3268d ago

nice one, finally a proper review :) the i waggle guy is awesome!!!

spectyre3268d ago

The Iwaggle guy is very detailed and thorough in his videos. This doesn't look like "The" Move game, but it looks a damn sight better than the 3 IGN gave it.

Lord_Doggington3268d ago

this is the very definition of shovelware.

Christopher3268d ago

Sad to see that Sony isn't able to put out some Move-specific games of quality other than Sports Champions.

jneul3268d ago

go read the sixth axis review for this game, much more accurate than that IGNorant review

pixelsword3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

what's the number one rule, ladies and gentlemen?

Never go into a new console/peripheral and expect the initial lineup to be a stellar lineup.

Not for the PS3, not for the 360, not for Move, not for Kinect.

Besides, you can get a demo and see for yourself.

DemiT3268d ago

well, i do hope you explain this to the ps3fans that are waiting to rip into kinect when it releases.

No wait.
Too late.

tacosRcool3268d ago

It seemed like a good game. I'll be the judge of that

lelo2play3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

People that like motion controls should probably get the Wii. The Wii already have a bunch of good games prepared for Motion Controls.

... i'm recommending the Wii and i don't even like it... lol

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The Wood3269d ago

it can happen i suppose...on to the next one

likedamaster3269d ago

One of the very few times sarcasm works on teh internetz.

dtrain213269d ago ShowReplies(1)
cyber_crysis3269d ago

Hmm...not really impressed with this. It looks very boring to me. I wish it was more to it.