8.0 DJ Hero 2 Review "DJ Hero 2 surpasses the first game on every level, but still feels like it could have gone that extra step further. It would be nice to see those reused Guitar Hero character designs completely tossed out the window for something fresh and unique, and perhaps a more fleshed out single-player mode to encourage more play. But these things don't detract from the overall experience, instead leaving a lingering feeling that there could be more. As a stand alone game, it does brilliantly, and even without any competition in the 'DJ Videogame' field, it presents a solid experience for most music fans. Anyone who doesn't enjoy dancing, club music, or remixes really need not apply. Everyone else is in for a massive treat."

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Sanrin3648d ago

If only they had a more solid turn table : / Then this game would be solid gold.

mephman3648d ago

Well, the story mode sounds a bit flaky.