Eight Things About Fallout: New Vegas That Would Make Black Isle Proud

When Bethesda announced its resurrection of the Fallout series, there was a section of the gaming population throwing their hats higher than anyone else: fans of the original PC games, developed by Black Isle. Fallout 1 and 2 were and are some of the best-written games in existence. Unique, unforgiving and relentlessly bleak, they inspired real, heartfelt devotion.

And yet when Fallout 3 arrived a significant portion of those fans were dissatisfied with it, feeling it lacked the older games' character. It's almost impossible to please the hardcore, of course, but they had a point. For a lot of Fallout fans there was just something missing from the Capital Wasteland; something in the soul of the original titles that Bethesda didn't or couldn't replicate.

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Captain Tuttle3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Bugs aside it's really an incredible game. There's tons of little winks at the first 2 games. A mention of Modoc here, some Adytum references there. I'm really loving it.

mistajeff3645d ago

im with you. the bugs are annoying, but anyone with a little patience can get past it. there's more than a handful of really classic fallout moments, and it definitely has that soul that fallout 3 lacked.

CrIpPeN3645d ago

Now and then it just crashed on me (playing on the PC).
Now when I am further in the game it crashes just playing in 10 minutes.

just go over a hill and it crashes, for crying out load.

mistajeff3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

supposedly one of the big causes of crashes is that the engine fragments the data it stores in your RAM. the solution that's worked best for me (and also worked for my friend who's been playing) is a program called gamebooster by a company called iobit-- you can find it on their website and it's totally free. it shuts down a bunch of non-essential windows processes when you're in 'game mode' and cleans and defrags your RAM. NV still crashes on me, but MUCH less frequently, so when it crashes to desktop i'll just switch gamebooster back to 'normal' and then to 'game mode' again and it'll defrag the RAM.

so it should make your crashes less frequent. hope that helps.

Matthew943645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

deathclaws aren't hard, i used to go to an area where they respawned and grind for massive xp

fallout 3 you can drink from toilets but you cant in 1 & 2 so wtf?

are super mutants smart now? they were so powerfull in 1 & 2 and now they are fodder

TABSF3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

One of the best games this Gen

On topic

This article is stupid and I would of hoped that IGN new more about the games history, the remanence of Black Isle studios did form Obsidian Games
Bethesda had no chance of beating Obsidian Games at their on series

If anything this is a smart move

Get Bethesda to do The Elder Scrolls
Get Obsidian to do Fallout
Get Id games to do Rage

Then we get AAA games published by Bethesda every year

2011 Rage by Id
2012 The Elder Scrolls 5 by Bethesda
2013 Fallout 4 by Obsidian Games

mistajeff3644d ago

as pro-independent developer as i am, it'd benefit obsidian and zenimax if zenimax bought obsidian like they did id. since id has said that only other zenimax developers will be allowed to use id tech 5, we won't have any more of this gamebryo crap lying around, and bethesda and obsidian can focus on their world-building and writing skills. let bethesda focus on elder scrolls, let obsidian focus on fallout, and let the development houses help each other out. obsidian and bethesda can run their code by the id tech wizards and get some good polishing advice, bethesda and id can run their story and dialog writing by the obsidian guys and get good advice with that, and id and obsidian can run their world-building techniques by the bethesda people for good advice on building a fleshed-out open world (although i honestly have to say that i feel obsidian bested bethesda with their fallout world-building in new vegas).