D+PAD Magazine: Vanquish Reviewed

D+PAD Magazine writes:

Just sometimes, you’re lucky enough to come across a game that makes you feel like the coolest cat around – the kind of game that straps you to your seat, sets your senses ablaze and gets the adrenaline pumping as you tear a stylish path to the end. The heightened sense of speed and power was pioneered back in 2001 with Capcom’s Devil May Cry, and while Platinum Games has successfully cracked the action genre with the beautiful Bayonetta, they’ve now turned their attentions to an altogether different breed. Gamers should prepare to jet-slide through a sleek sci-fi world of grandiose super heroics in Vanquish, but does it do enough to mark a revolution in third-person shooting or is it too much of a one-trick pony to leave any lasting impression?

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