CoD: Black Ops – New Pentagon Zombie Gameplay rocks

Gamingbolt: . We have some awesome Zombie gameplay footage of the game which takes place in The Pentagon!

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gameseveryday3645d ago

Looks slick! But is it going to be anything different than world at war?

cyborg3645d ago

that I can see are the crazy real life locations and you being put into the roles of world leaders like JFK and Castro. That's totally insane

Static-X3645d ago

How does he keep reviving himself?

bigboss9113645d ago

he is drinking some kind of power up.

halocursed3645d ago

Mind=Blown. That's it, I am buying this game DAY ONE!

-Alpha3645d ago

Yeah, this is day one for me too, and from the short list of games I've played this year this looks to be my favorite.

Split-screen online is all I ever wanted in a COD game.

psb3645d ago

Zombies are always fun to kill. And when they r in the Pentagon, muhahahah!

JeffGUNZ3645d ago

Looks pretty nice. I wonder how many Zombie Maps are included with the standard edition of the game.

RedSoakedSponge3645d ago

i heard it is 2 maps in standard, and 4 maps in the other versions.

Killzoned3645d ago

Guys, Someone told me that if you complete black ops on a certain mode you will unlock more zombie maps, Does anyone know if this is true?

JeffGUNZ3645d ago

That's what I have heard. Do you know how many maps the gaming is launching with?

hailwraith3645d ago

I think it's 3 plus 4 extra if you get the hardened or prestige edition

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The story is too old to be commented.