Xbox Live subscription prices rise today

Today's the day, kids. Microsoft is officially raising the price of its Xbox Live Gold subscription fees in North America, Canada, Mexico and the UK. Now you get to pay even more for stuff that you can get free elsewhere. It's the American dream!

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uie4rhig3648d ago

lol ... that's all im gonna say...

Raoh3648d ago


I LOL your LOL and raise you an LOL...


supremacy3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Regardless people will pay for this service.

Sure psn is fine and its free.

But I feel until sony has a more well structure online service many will continue paying for live.

Live is a very socially connected service.

Things like voice masseging has been around since the original xbox days so to not have it on the psn really begs the question.

In my eyes what would make me pay for live and what makes it so great, is connectivity.

-voice masseging
-multiple log in ids(mandated for most games)
-party system
-ability to watch netflix with a friend online
-things like auto setting(something the ps3 could really use)
-faster times for downloads and streaming
-cross voice chat
-universal game invites
-universal in game music

Now if the psn could add or copy these featuess than im pretty sure many will look at the psn diffetent. I mean psn + is okay, but from where is stand I find no use for it really.

1 hour trial on a two year old game, really? How about one hour trial on games that are still months away.

Look, if psn where to go and I mean go through a major facelift. Than I can see many hardcore gamers who currently own a 360 migrate to the ps3.

In my honest opinion all psn needs are a few features here and there.

An improve browser
The ability to massege and play music while browsing the store
Voice masseging
Cross chat
Party system
Auto settings
Faster loading times for the xmb and downloads
Botton line is this, If sony can bring these things in an update, than yes people who didnt then question xbox lives pricing would now do so.

Heck an update like this could potentially turn the ps3 into the ultimate entertainment home system I mean really now...