Seven augments you should but won’t get in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The problem with Human Revolution as things stand is that most of the augmentations on display – boosting strength to lift heavier stuff, becoming a better hacker, sprouting an invisibility cloak – aren’t all that breathtaking. We’ve seen their like in countless mildly open-ended action games over the past half-decade, from Harry Potter to Splinter Cell. So, Eidos Montreal – how about the following radical additions?

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gypsygib3650d ago

He looked like Solid Snake from a distance.

dirigiblebill3650d ago

I'm wondering if there'll be an install for the PS3 version. Jensen seems to enjoy a cigarette... ;)

gypsygib3650d ago

Oh my god lol, that was hell. The whole time I was thinking, "it would be way faster just to switch disks"