Player Affinity: Fable 3 Review

Matt Sims said: "The Fable franchise is famous for some serious pre-release hype. Before each installment releases, Peter Molyneux tantalizes us with features that never seem to make their way into the finished product. In the first Fable, it was the promise of an acorn that could be planted and would mature into a full tree over in-game years. The exclusion of the acorn was did not particularly hurt the game’s sales, but it became a moniker for the broken promises that have plagued the Fable series. Fable III was announced to be compatible with Kinect (Natal at the time) but development constraints would keep the Kinect features from seeing the finalized product. Despite this, the latest installment in the franchise manages to shake any negative effects and emerge looking like a healthy step forward for the franchise."

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RobertMF3645d ago

Fable II was my introduction to the series, and I have to admit I lost interest about halfway through. Fable III does have a lot of interesting new ideas, though, as well as a great voice cast, which makes me curious about it. The Fable games have had some really great production values and writing, even if I couldn't get behind some of the gameplay ideas.

jjmtf223641d ago

Loving Fable 3 so far. The menu system took some getting used to though.

DDMNeo3638d ago

I really couldn't get into Fable 2, but maybe I'll rent Fable 3. Get some nice achievements.