Motion controllers for Xbox and PlayStation predicted to be Christmas hits

The consumer electronics and toy industries typically start obsessing about what the big ‘must-have' Christmas present will be on Boxing Day of the previous year.

According to a new predictive survey from market researcher IDC, strong candidates will be new motion controller systems from Microsoft and Sony.

The survey was conducted in conjunction with, and was restricted to the US. It predicted that Americans would buy between 2.5 and three million Kinect sensors for the Microsoft Xbox 360 and two million or so Move motion controllers for the Sony PlayStation 3. Given that nearly all of these sales will have occurred in the final quarter of the year, that's not a bad start.

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ConanOBrien3651d ago

Move has a month or two early jumpstart, but tons of ads will help Kinect to bypass it.

ho ho ho

blackburn53650d ago

That is only a one bubbles fanboy's opinion

seinfan3650d ago

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