Top five Kinect launch titles

Microsoft’s body-jiggling motion controller launches in the Middle East on November 10th, and while the big M has said we can expect Kinect supported hardcore games in another 18 months, we’ve put together a list of our top five launch titles which are worth getting excited about.

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killzowner3650d ago

None of which are hardcore games :/ fighters uncaged would count as a hardcore title if it didn't look so god-awful

EVILDEAD3603650d ago

Microsft got the the launch list 100% correct..

The Wii game that had the biggest impact on console sales was Wii Sports

Kinect is launching with Kinect Sports and Motion Sports

Wii fit was a massive success

Kinct launches with the Ubisoft game and 3 others..but the fact that you don't need a Wiimote or a board is a huge advantage for Kinect

Just Dance is also a huge succcess on the Wii..

Launching with MTVs Dance Central may overwhelmingly be the title that pushes big numbers for Kinect throughout the future..Wii and Move simply can't pull this game off as effectively..Ellen may have raised anticipation just from her performance

But it is Kinectimals that kids will eat up..this game alone may become a huge brand for Kinect

I bought Wii and Move for the family and party games..which is exactly why I'm picking up Kinect

For me at launch it's Kinect Sports and Motion Sports for the bowling and sports mini-games

Kinectimals to watch the kids in the family have a blast..especially this Thanksgiving

And te later week I willk pick up Games Party for the rest of the party games

Still can't wait for Child of Eden..that looks amazing


killzowner3650d ago

they got the launch list 100% correct if they wanted to alienate hardcore gamers.

turnerdc3650d ago

This product (just like the Move) is mainly focused on selling to the casual crowd.

killzowner3649d ago

The move is much more aimed at core gamers than kinect