Top 10 genre mismatches in games

Inspired by having to play Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 1 for a whole day, X360's come up with a list of genre mismatches in games. Some of them are actually weirder than putting a schoolboy wizard in a third-person cover shooter…

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Lirky3648d ago

Why rdr? i didnt want to do that first thing.

Bathyj3648d ago

Who says zombies cant be in the old west?

Zombies can turn up anywhere, it only takes a small outbreak.

Whose to say they couldnt turn up in 13th Century France if they wanted to.

tacosRcool3647d ago

Zombies usually start outbreaking in Georgia, damn zombies

jony_dols3648d ago

According to him the new Harry Potter game is rubbish.

I better pop out to Gamestop and cancel my preorder.....

3648d ago