Fable 3 Review - Hail To The King Baby |

he eagerly anticipated third installment of the Fable saga has finally reached us and the famed fairy tale land of Albion has moved into the age of industry.

Much has changed in the last 50 years most importantly the Hero ruler from Fable 2 has passed on leaving the throne to the eldest of the royal offspring, who in turn has driven the people to the point of insurgence. After personally experiencing your brother’s ruthlessness you decide that the responsibility to restore Albion to its former glory lies with you.

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WobblyOnion3650d ago

Oooh man, I love me some fable!

Chuk53650d ago

Disagrees because someone likes a game. The comment had nothing to do with review itself, just the fact that someone outed their love for a franchise, specifically a ms franchise. This site can be really sad at times.

granthinds3650d ago

That's his opinion and i can actively show my "Disagreement" with his opinion. There's nothing wrong with that.

granthinds3650d ago

Gotta say I highly disagree with this review. Not amped.

Ognipode3650d ago

I still havent' managed to get myself to play Fable 2 for longer than a few hours and from what I hear, this isn't even as good.

granthinds3650d ago

I spent like an entire weekend chopping wood in Fable 2. It's an ultimate waste of time. And surprise! Fable 3 follows it's foot steps.

Ognipode3650d ago

Yeah that's what failed to hook me in the beginning. When I think of Fable 2 I think of mini-games and emoticons, instead of action, adventure and magic

granthinds3650d ago

Exactly. Minigames and emoticons. Brilliantly put. It's too much like the Sims and less like the most epic adventure known to man.