ISM: Malicious Is One Of The Best PS3 Games You've Probably Never Played

ISM: In this brief article I want to talk about a game known as Malicious, created by Alvion, a Japanese developer that you've probably never heard of. Malicious has Japanese culture in it's roots; I could hardly see this game being mainstream, as it is to be a cult's rave. I am in love wit…

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FanOfGaming3651d ago

it does look awesome, I love the JRPGish vibe

Cloudberry3651d ago

I watched game-play videos of this game via Andriasang.

The game-play is action hack-and-slash.

It's kinda like Bayonetta style.

The scarf (?) that the main character is wearing becomes the weapon a-la Bayonetta's hair.

The action's pretty fast too.

Dir_en_grey3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

The combat system is way better than Bayonetta IMO. There is also this Vanquish boost type attack and there is no meter for the boost, enemies take damage while you run them over and you can even jump and hover while in this boost.
It's fun just to boost around and run over groups and groups and groups of enemies.

Kain813651d ago

Release it here in EU too

MexicanAppleThief3651d ago

I'd love it to be released in Europe too. Lets also hope that our American friends get it too. Looks like a great game and deserves all the sales.

fucadastates3651d ago

just relese one in english.. then we can import it :)

Kain813651d ago

How? Its a PSN need a US PSN account and a US PSN-CARD...


@kain ebay have psn cards for usa that are easily used in the uk to buy stuff on an american account

DeathGazer3651d ago

Put this on the US store and I'll buy it.

Neckbear3651d ago

I hope someone brings it to US/EU.

Jestrella243651d ago

More people truly have to try this game

BrutallyBlunt3651d ago

The next Fable should be on the new XBOX and the team should work on new IP's instead for now.

no_more_trolling3651d ago

what the hell
trying to bash fable,and sounding pretty dumb at the same time lol


BrutallyBlunt3651d ago


I had the wrong article open at the time. There is a Fable 3 article right below this one. Sorry.

This game looks good and it's less than 10 bucks. Reminds me of Vanquish/Bayonetta.

ChronoJoe3650d ago

Figured you missposted :) dw about it. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.