Move Starter Pack and Controllers Sold Out at Amazon UK

Quoting Movemodo's James Newton:

"It's not just Kinect selling out at Amazon – Move is also in short supply on the major retailer's site, resulting in price increases and stock limitations."

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cliffbo3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

i still think Kinect will sell more than MOVE, but i reckon it's going to be closer than people think. MOVE has already sold 3 million, maybe 3.5 by now

@Get2sammyb. i agree with that. i also think that support is crucial for both the MOVE and Kinect, and it's easy to see that the MOVE has a big advantage here. not only can it get Wii ports and MOVE specific games, but it will also get multiplats (with Wii not 360). this could leave Kinect out in the cold and you never know, we may actually see some Kinect games on MOVE too.

get2sammyb3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

I still feel like Move will have legs. Kinect will outsell it this holiday no doubt, but unless Microsoft is really willing to go wild funding crazy ideas, I can't see Kinect offering a lot of variety over the next 12 months. Just by looking at Kinect's launch line-up you can see its strengths lie in fitness and dancing games.

I daresay those games are fun, but without anything else to its name it will struggle to continue pulling people in after the novelty has died down.

The same of course applies to Move, but I do feel like its integration with games such as Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2 and its application in a variety of experiences (not all Move titles are brilliant, but there's a good chunk of variety out there) mean it should continue selling at a steady pace.

To be honest, so long as they are both successful enough to benefit the support of developers, it doesn't really matter which is more successful.

Dark-Cloud3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

kinect doesn't have good games but move will have killzone 2 - little big planet 2 - sorcery - and alots of good games ..... we just have to wait and see :P .. move is good but it just need games but kinect is a bad idea ...

dangert123650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Don't know what to think of this i mean its sell well but not crazy bonkers
one reason for it selling out is because sony always stated it was an add on to the ps3 so did't make a bizzillion of then (slightly ott there lol) or there just trying to make it look like its in crazy demand by holding back what they have made so people think its the next big thing cause its sold out everywhere

MS and kinect have no excuse thought that supposed to launch bigger then the 360 did how can it be sold out before its out :S

oh and before any says im trying to flame im not its just what came to mind and i raised it in a comment here

thehitman3650d ago

Seen the numbers 1+MIL sold in the US and 1.5+Mil sold in EU first month only that doesnt look like holding back to me. It still sold out means they are on track to sell 5mil before the year ends. Thats a shit load of Move MS doesnt expect to sell more than 3mil Kinect.

Incipio3650d ago

Ya know, I've seen looks on peoples' faces that say "I'm actually genuinely impressed at this tech", when they play PlayStation Move demo kits, and that's just when they try ping pong or archery!

People pick it up and play it naturally, and it just works. There may be a simple calibration required, but after that, you follow simple instructions and after a minute people are plucking and firing arrows and putting top spin on ping pong balls like nobody's business!

People like Move because it works and it works WELL.

+1 to Move reputation

AS-W3650d ago

I am not sure Kinect will be accurate.But it may sell well.

Simco8763650d ago

MOVIN on the east side....

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