Postal Is Beeing Used As A Poster Boy For Video Game Violence... Again

Supreme Court To Define Law Regarding Video Games

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treacherous_gamer3646d ago

If Postal is any representation of what video game and gamers are, then you're F***ING wrong.

HornyHaggis3645d ago

Is portal the game where you can ram a shotgun up a cat's arsehole and fire cats at people and then light their bodies on fire and piss the flames out? That's what people who don't game with think the game is like but the truth is we can understand the difference in this game and real life we would only play it for a laugh it's not a serious game, I wish they would fuck off with censorship it's a complete fucking joke get a life instead of trying to ruin everyone's enjoyment you fat old wankers!

Dan503645d ago

Portal is the Valve game. :P

Dan503645d ago

Only places I know where its outlawed is New Zealand and Australia.