Resolution: Kung Fu Live Hands-on preview

Resolution's Sinan Kubba writes: Beads of sweat gleam below the bandana adorning Teemu Maki-Patola’s forehead. It’s 2 in the afternoon, and the Virtual Air Guitar CEO has been demonstrating Kung Fu Live since this morning. Yet Teemu is still putting together the moves, still punching and kicking with maximal gusto. As I watch from the comfort of my leather bench, Teemu uppercuts the final enemy before closing with a stylish Karate Kid pose. “Nice,” I say as I sip my drink. “OK, you’re next!” replies Teemu… oh no.

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blacsheep3645d ago

confuse people as controller free gaming is also on ps3 and ps2 for that matter

Bigpappy3645d ago

wrorst than kung-fu rider. How do you make a fight game where you can only punch and kick whe some one is at you side?

rroded3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

"Even though Virtual Air Guitar’s tech is clearly far less advanced than Kinect – the Eye can only capture the player’s silhouette rather than map 20 joints – Kung Fu Live does a pretty good job of mimicking Microsoft’s motion capture device, at least for its own humble purposes. It even shares the problem of being distracted by people moving in the background."

no matter what bs this guy spouts. Dudes been drinking the ms punch this games does waht kinect should n better since the ps3 can read up too 120 fps while the kinects stuck at a laggy 30 fps. IMO wait for a real non biased review or try it yourself if ya like getting physical that is XD

edit let me fix this quote
"Even though Virtual Air Guitar’s tech is clearly far more advanced than Kinect – the Eye can capture the player’s entire body rather than just map 20 joints – Kung Fu Live does a phenomenal job of using the ps3 eye tech." while kinect tries to copy it but fails"


BUT... The real interesting thing is that this tracking teck can actually improve how the eye tracks your moves... hope to see it in more games...

trounbyfire3645d ago

not really the stuff air guitar does is skeleton tracking on any web cam basically adding the legs because sony never want to use the legs apart of the PS eye toy but it could do it from day one.

its not seeing you body just the fact you have a head, two arms and two legs. by the way kinect does the same thing just tracks better be cause of the inferred cam but the same thing as the Ps eye. which is why you see the hold your hand over thing to start like the ps eyetoy did years ago

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wanaraceu3645d ago

Man I have seen this in action and it's one of the funniest things I have seen.. You tube it if u want