Enslaved’s poor sales: it’s all your fault

Play-mag: "We gave it 83% – a very good score – and it’s now being sold for sub-£25. So why haven’t you bought Enslaved yet?"

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xYLeinen3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

I just bought it since it's down to sub £25. That's because I'm poor tho.

And honestly, I think people got way enough games they are playing right now. And there is also a few major titles coming out this month which some are waiting for.

I think this game would have done better in a more open release window.

Kran3645d ago

To be honest though, im waiting for Black Ops and Brotherhood, and I still afforded the game, so whats to say others cant?

Tachyon_Nova3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

The reason it sold poorly is that they put out a boring demo, and after that, a boring game...

@ Below, yes I'm sure you can give a detailed run down of exactly which games I have played over the last 3 weeks, for how long, and how much I enjoyed them. I wrote a preview of the game based on the demo which I released before the game went on sale. Would you seriously try and suggest that by slamming it I am actually making it all up just to lower its sales. You fanboys are gonna drive me insane soon.

Just to help, you'll have to cover 4 platforms...

Kran3645d ago

@Tachyon_Nova Which you never even played...

HolyOrangeCows3645d ago

1) The platforming plays itself
2) The combat is boring
3) Story doesn't carry a game by itself

nix3645d ago

sadly i dont give too much attention to multiplat games unless they are amazing. i bought RE5 bcoz of Move but i still find it tank-like (stop n shoot, come on!). so i have to finish that. i am playing F1 2010.. that also sucks bcoz every time you go to the pit stop you get stuck there n you have to start from the bottom. thats the problem with getting multi/average games.

basically that's the reason i didn't get Enslaved n Vanquish. the multi-plat games really need to shine, otherwise it's a no no for me. i'm used to playing PS3 exclusive games, you see. the bar has really been set high. so is mine. i loved HS. it's still my one of the fav.

MasterGuru3645d ago

After they called Enslaved "the new Uncharted" available now for the 360", I'm never gonna buy this overrated game. I have six games planned out for the holiday season anyway and I already bought 3 of them. GT5, Brotherhood, Black Ops, FIFA 11, LittleBigPlanet GOTY and FF13. Sorry Enslaved :P

Perjoss3645d ago

I think new IP titles need to be released in the summer, away from the fall / autumn rush so they dont get overlooked.

HammockGames3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Ninja Theory displayed a fair share of bravado leading up to the release, making their game out to be something it wasn't.

Then they churned out this game with:
1) Animation & frame rate issues - particularly bad at times when things get intense (PS3 version here)

2) Clunky and fairly shallow combat

3) An anticlimactic WTF type of ending

4) Short length (without a "bang for the buck" factor to make up for it)

It's not a bad game. I actually enjoyed it despite it's flaws (the cut scenes & story were actually pretty well done). But it was never going to top the sales charts.

And yeah, the release window certainly didn't help anything.

Game-ur3645d ago

Bad publishing, the game released in the same day as castilvania, a much better game.

RageAgainstTheMShine3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

these made real gamers stay back!

cocky bastards!

and never bad mouth nor mess with the PS3, Ninja Theory never ever

deafwing3645d ago

This game would have done better released in December. It's not a bad title either but it's not slice cheese.

Think everyone was focused on other games or waiting on Call of Duty. October Games:

OneSneakyMofo3645d ago

Maybe if Ninja Theory didn't talk so much garbage, I would've bought their crappy game. Instead, I rented it.

mac_sparrow3645d ago

Exactly onesneakymofo, I did the same and to be honest I agree with holy Orange cows, especially that the platforming plays itself.
Not a bad game, but as I said in my previous posts the poor attitude of nt towards fans of heavenly sword and ps3 in general left a bad taste in my mouth. I don't want to be told I'm a moron for liking a previous work that they weren't happy with.

seinfan3645d ago

I haven't bought Enslaved because I'm not interested. I don't care if a game gets a perfect score by all critics. If it doesn't appeal to me, I won't get it.

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r1sh123645d ago

Most people are just waiting for black ops.
The masses were bought into the call of duty franchise by MW2 so they expect something similar from Black ops.
Im sure most are holding out for black ops, need for speed, GT5, assassins creed etc...
The longer people wait the cheaper enslaved will become.

visualb3645d ago

no its the games marketing and the game developers' fault.

if Ninja Theory had:

a) given MORE value to the game (I disagree with this necessity but most gamers look for VALUE per buck, and a 5-7 hour experience without some sort of selling point (HR and its unique experience, GOWIII and its jaw dropping shit-yourself content worth replaying, Vanquishe's unique and addictive replay-ability, etc)

Enslaved came across as a "great experience n then put it away" which now days just doesn't work (especially for a new IP)

b) hadn't b!tched so much and hyped the game over the top. this didn't effect the sales over all with the general public, but informed gamers (a decent majority, not just on N4G but over the internet) got possibly put off by the constant smack talk

c) made the game more challenging: now I haven't played it, but reading a lot of reviews I noticed people mentioned the game had hardly any "challenge". all the platforming was fixed, you couldn't even die during those stages, and the fighting although very entertaining didn't have that "threatening" aspect to it.

Now, of course this doesn't mean it isn't still a great game, maybe they did this purposefully to sell to more casual people (along with cartoony colour, PGI 13, etc) but if thats the case then you need to market your game more.

I think NT just got lost between who they wanted to sell to (please noobish challenge phobic casuals AND hardcore gamerS) and ended up missing both demographics.

too bad, because a new IP needs to sell well to continue (and even Dead Space sell badly but better than this + got cult following...)

himdeel3645d ago

...after reading about them bitching about HS one of my most favorite games up to the release I lost any and all interest is buying this game. I'm sure I'll rent it eventually but someone else commented that it takes more than just story to sell a game and I've been told that some are confusing excellent mocap and facial animation for story which a pal of mine told me isn't all that great.

AKS3645d ago

I am NOT waiting for Black Ops and have been done with the Call of Duty franchise since Infinity Ward was sacked, so I guess I have plenty of time to play other stuff right now. I really enjoyed Enslaved. I would rate it around 8.5/10. There are technical issues, and it pisses me off that a much older game like Heavenly Sword has superior audio, but this is counterbalanced by excellent storytelling, great characters, and gorgeous art direction. I'm glad I bought it.

BillOreilly3645d ago

Yep i loved it also. AMAZING game. Good variety, the story was very good, great graphics, fun platforming, and great great great characters and character growth. It failed for the same reason alan wake failed, overshadowed by a huge release. Enslaved and alan wake are two of the best games of the year but both released at the worst possible time. Oh well i enjoyed the hell out of them.

vhero3645d ago

I feel it failed on PS3 for reasons a lot of games succeed on 360. Fan power.. PS3 fanboys feel betrayed by the crap ninja theory have been saying about PS3 and the failure of there last game even though only a few million ps3s were out at the time and the fact they went multi-platform because yes fanboys really do base there buys on pitiful things like games going exclusive/multi-platform.

BrutallyBlunt3645d ago

Pretty sad if true. Game sales should be based on how good the product is and how much value there is. Not on if they promote the platform or speak against it.

I think it sold poorly do to not much marketing which new IP's need and being released at a very busy time of the year.

eggbert3645d ago

its failed on both systems though. according to the same source (VGcharts) the xbox 360 version is barely 1,000 sales over the ps3 version.

So you're idea MAY effect the PS3 sales, but there's still the fact it did bad on the other platform as well. I'm guessing that most people either bought MOH or are waiting for COD.

Tuxedo_Mask3645d ago

I only have a PS3 and I don't intend on ever buying an Xbox 360, even though there are games on it I would like to play. However, I will probably never buy a Ninja Theory game not because they make multiplatform games, which a lot of companies I support do, but because their games just don't interest me. Their character designs are strange looking and bland in my opinion, and nothing they've done has ever peaked my interest.

I've never played a Devil May Cry game before either, but if I ever decide to get one, it will be one that isn't made by Ninja Theory.

ico923645d ago

i haven't bought it for these reasons

1. The game is like 6 hours and was released at full price

2. i personally hate robots as video game enemies, they are so uninteresting to kill, the only game with robots that i like is R&C and that's because of the awesome weapons.

3. I played the demo and it just didn't appeal to me, it felt like some weird cross between uncharted, god of war and POP

i probably get it when it drops to like £10 on Amazon, and that's just gonna be for the trophies, however i wonder who Ninja Theory is gonna blame for the poor sales of this game.

number473645d ago

and it failed miserably to meet the mark. Evident in the demo.. then the scores came in just to add insult to injury. The game was meh at best, and should be half off for the half effort.

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Croash3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

But that's because I was waiting for this game.
Some people were keeping their money for other things, nobody is to blame here.
October had many games coming out.

Edit: "I think this game would have done better in a more open release window." Completetly agree on that xYLeinen.

6wl3645d ago

I picked it up day 1 - solid 8/10 game

Croash3645d ago

It's 8/10, not 7.5 or 8.5
There were some technical issues and poor gameplay choices, but in the end, the whole experience was great.

People should consider getting it one day.

DelbertGrady3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Currently playing Fable 3 and Dead Rising 2, and waiting for Black-Ops.

Quagmire3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Seriously? Those games over Enslaved?


Edit: I know its his personal opinion, but still, Enslaved is a quality title. Inticing narrative, amazing facial animation, superb acting, brilliant design, all that over an FPS, a zombie game, and a dissapointing RPG?

byeGollum3645d ago

to each their own.. although a lot of people won't admit it, but we are all waiting for blackops lol

wat6343645d ago

its his personal opinion.

Baka-akaB3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Yes seriously those games over Enslaved (even if they dont interest me so far) .
You listed a bunch of things and statements that are true .. however you know what's missing ?
Enslaved nailing its gameplay , while all the titles he mentioned did .

None of the above got clunky controls with latency and boring automatic platforming .
Hell , Fable might be over simplificated , but you are still in control and not just mashing around .. plus the controls are responsive and tight

vhero3645d ago

erm some people prefer multiplayer smash em up and RPG's compared to action titles I too am the same and would choose them titles over enslaved. It's mostly about genre favouritism. I am an RPG lover myself it's why I was an early adopter of 360 and stuck with it through 3 of them till they all died (and vowed never to get another). I eve play what most consider terrible RPG's because I find enjoyment in them. People get entertainment out of different games.

SMW3645d ago

Quagmire, You just described a movie. Games need to also be "Not boring"

VandimionX3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

More like Enticing narrative until it gets WAY to cheesy way to fast, amazing facial animation(yup), superb acting that's badly directed, and mediocre-at best-design.

Ninja Theory almost got it right, maybe if they weren't so into themselves they would've caught on to the games obvious flawed presentation and tweaked it.
They're the type of company that screams, "we're artist, we want it that way. you just don't understand."

Typical snobby art snobs.

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Raendom3645d ago

I didn't get it because I thought the demo was just "ok". Plus, still playing Red Dead Redemption.

outwar60103645d ago

killzone 3 beta and castlevania. The next games i buy will be red dead redemption, fallout and borderlands goty i will pick up enslaved at some point. The demo was kinda boring tho but people are saying the full game is alot better

Miraak82 3645d ago

same thing w/ me ,,,kz3 beta and castlevania have been holding my interests as of late

outwar60103645d ago

im finding castlevania harder than demon souls bro all this repetition is having an affect on my sanity lolz i am playing it on hard i know but every enemy type needs to be attacked methodically if you try the same tactic over and over your screwed!!!!!!!