New Xbox Live Dashboard: Here's What It Looks Like

Here’s what the new Xbox Live dashboard, which is being rolled out at the moment, looks like.

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MisterNiwa3650d ago

Excuse me, but what will happen to my NXE-Themes? =/

kasasensei3650d ago

You can use it as well, no problem. But don't expect to see MORE of it, still the half of it.

3650d ago
3650d ago
EazyC3650d ago

My xbox is in front of me, but I'm wondering whether it'll take half a century to download

Perjoss3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

xbox updates have always taken less than 1 minute for me.

edit: this one took a bit longer at 3 and a half minutes, I have a crappy 6mb connection fyi. New dashboard looks really nice so far.

Hades13373650d ago

This is a big update, but still only took like 5 minutes for me.

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