GoldenEye Legend Couldn't Play Flower

Martin Hollis, creator of N64 classic GoldenEye 007, had to stop playing PS3-exclusive Flower because he found the experience too emotional.

Hollis, founder of Cambridge developer Zoonami, tried to play thatgamecompany's experimental downloadable title but had to put the controller down after experiencing an "upwelling".

"One of the interesting things about Flower was I couldn't play it because it was so emotionally provoking," Hollis told Eurogamer at the Nottingham GameCity festival last week.

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Cloudberry3650d ago

looking forward to Journey too.

JsonHenry3650d ago

I must have a heart of stone or something because I had no reaction to it at all. :/

FACTUAL evidence3650d ago

Man. I had TOO MANY moments on flower. Everytime I would play I imagined I was a spirit of a lost boy restoring nature as I try to find my family. IDK but the music and scenery made me think like that.

murcielago43650d ago


is someone hiding their emotions?

hesido3649d ago

I wasn't moved by it either. Didn't finish the game. I liked the calm parts, tho.

redsquad3650d ago

I know what he means - Even the opening, with the image of a small, 'broken' flower against a monochrome setting is upsetting on a level that's dificult to explain. The mind boggles at what the FLOWER team could accomplish with a full sized, 'proper' game.

49erguy3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

I got emotional too, but damn. Its really the only game I can call beautiful. The music coupled with the lovely scenery really left me in awe. The only time I would ever cry playing it is if I played it RIGHT after a loved one died.

The game was FAR too short, but what was there makes me want a sequel just as bad as I want Dead Nation.

I would never call an emotional gamer a pussy, (I almost cried at the end of MGS3) but MAN UP AND EXPERIENCE FLOWER. He'll really be missing out if he doesn't.

Neckbear3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

I played it, and I didn't felt any kind of emotion. It's just a damn set of petals flying over the screen with the wind.

This is exactly like those hipsters who look too much into everything- to the point a simplistic and stupidly retarded thing is "deep" and a "masterpiece".

Cenobia3650d ago

Did you play the whole game though?

Like, you the end?

There is a message in the game that is much more than petals floating in the wind.

rezzah3650d ago

You expect too much out of everything to be qualified as "deep". You should look to simpler things and seek the dept in meaning behind those objects or images.

TheGameFoxJTV3649d ago

I bet he thinks CoD, and Halo games are deep. lol

Joni-Ice3650d ago

I have over 200 PS3 game and Flower is one of my favorites. I also went out and got the soundtrack which is amazing. My father past away in September and that soundtrack helped me through. GREAT GAME!

theonlylolking3650d ago

How the crap can you be overwhelmed with emotion from flowers? I own the game and its very nice and good. I just dont see how peeps can get so much emotion out of flowers.

supersonicsaga3650d ago

Music ,symbolism and motion controls. Some people like to analyze games as well as play them.

Triella3650d ago

I was overwhelmed by emotion at the end when you start to overcome the "grey world" and destroy one by one those ugly masts.

Shadow Flare3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

I'm afraid I'm another who fails to see what is so emotional about flower. It's a good game, but emotional? I felt nothing. And I have had games that made me emotional in the past, but it's usually because there's something in the game that built upon me to make me feel that way. In shadow of the colossus you spend the whole game with agro your horse, he sticks with you and fights with you and you can't help but grow attached to agro. In final fantasy 7, there are 2 parts which get to me. (Spoiler alert just in case). The part where aeris dies and the part where red xiii finds out the truth of his father. Through the powerful story telling and the relationship you build while journeying with these characters, I can't help but feel emotional in those situations. In metal gear solid 3, it took me a good 2 minutes to finally hit the square button on the Boss when she's lying there in the flower field. Because of the powerful story telling. Flower, you're just opening other flowers. There's very little story, there's no attachment, there's nothing for me apart from the gameplay. There's no substance to it, whatever emotional experience you get with flower, it's because it's something you've created yourself in your head. It's not built up for you like the other games I mentioned were. Everyones different I suppose and it just didn't effect me like other games did.

I think flower is a bit like a waterfall or something. You can get some people who will gaze at a waterfall and feel really emotional about it and think about what it symbolises and stuff. But at the end of the day, it's a waterfall, its not meant to be emotional. It's only emotional to some people because that's what theyve made it become in their head. And to me flowers the same. It's a beautiful game that people read further into it and they feel emotional about it. Sorry, I just couldn't get what others could. It's flowers making a crap city pretty. Ok. Where's agro?

bananlol3650d ago

Youve hit the nail on the head with that one. Completely agree. That said we need more games like flower, games that dont follow some standard set by past games.

mac_sparrow3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

I used to teach both film production and film studies. We used to take our students to art house cinemas and play their work to critics. The brief of the work was that it had to be based on colour. The results were great when I threw in one of my own that was full of pretentious drivel, and coupled with a production diary that was bordering on the absurd.

I agree with you shadow, some things have meaning, others don't and people look too hard.
That said I still think Flower was a brilliantly realised piece of entertainment.

Oh, and my gf made me shoot the boss for her on her playthrough. ;)

Shadow Flare3650d ago

We do need more games like flower, I agree

This video basically sums up what I was trying to say and it's kinda what I'm seeing when people here say flower is emotional:

mac_sparrow3650d ago

haha, I love that double rainbow video. Saw it last week and it cracked me up.

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