The Death of Stealth

Stealth games as people know them are dying and, rather ironically, you may not have even noticed. It’s been a slow decline for the shadow skulking, light destroying genre, but they simply don’t get made that much any more. What used to be powerful franchises are now little but fond memories or warped variations of what once was. So, what happened?

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xYLeinen3818d ago

What's next? The prevail of Call of Duty?

HolyOrangeCows3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

MGS 1/2/3, Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory, Hitman.....

Where did we go wrong?! Stealth games used to rock.

tacosRcool3817d ago

They did. Now everybody (like me) just wants to kill everything in his/her path. Its also that many people don't have any patience anymore...

Quagmire3818d ago

Chronicles of Riddick, one of the best, most underrated, and higly-surpising BEST film-based game, and stealth game.

Dir_en_grey3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Should give Siren series a try. I love the game mechanics of how you Sight Jack zombies (see through zombies' eyes) to figure out the layout of the environment and the zombie's movements, then plan out your escape.

Not a popular game in the west I'm guess cuz most people like to run and gun, but if people enjoy stealth games they'll probably enjoy the observing and planing the escape in each level of this series.
They dumbed difficulty down on the PS3 version and made the player a little bit more powerful so they can sometimes fight back; I hope in the next game they make the characters weak again like the PS2 versions because feeling weak and helpless really made this a true horror stealth game.

Human Analog3818d ago

I agree 100%. Riddick was one of my favorite games. I even re-bought it when it was redone for the 360 with Dark Athena added on. It was still great.

gamerz3818d ago

Cool! Just made a trade for this game and will get it in a few days. Never even heard of it before but after reading the reviews it looks like a fun game. Stealth, CQC, platforming.. what's not to like? Even added the movies to the top of the netflix queue to get ready. :)

ilikestuff3818d ago

i like sneak king. whats better then a weird bearded man that sneaks up behind you and forces his meat in your mouth? he is my hero.

Syaz13818d ago

never got to play the last-gen tcor: efbb while it was on pc and xbox, now that i got to play and finish it, i cant believe what's i've been missing out, it's brilliant.

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GamerSciz3818d ago

Perhaps Syphon Filter??? I mean Metal Gear was before that but I felt Syphon Filter was larger then Thief. And I do agree that older stealth games of a series have slowly progressed to more run and gun type of games. I did like how in Crysis you had the choice because of the nano-suit. Personally I liked to be very stealthy in that game.

Neko_Mega3818d ago

Was a pretty hard stealth game, PC it was. I never play it on a gaming system.

But you are right to, SF should have listed.

Anyways theirs alot of stealth games that do good in it, Thief was just hard, others do it much simple.

Neko_Mega3818d ago

Makes me think of it, when I had no sneak at all.

But some how can jump on peoples bed and take things with out them knowing.

darkdoom30003818d ago

Syphon filter wasnt really a stealth game. Third person shooter with stealth levels.

awesome game though

The_Quiet_Man3818d ago

Where the hell are Tenchu & Hitman? wasn't Hitman announced/rumoured the other day? still where are they, been waiting.

DaBadGuy3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Oh no I've noticed.

I think MGS4 was the last stealth game I played.

The genre is seriously lacking these days.

EDIT: Acutally Splinter Cell Conviction was the last stealth game I played.

Lyr1c3818d ago

Conviction was barely a stealth game. The game was a lot easier to go "guns blazing" without any repercussions. It really didn't feel like a stealth game at all.

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