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xYLeinen3643d ago

Consider me not fabled >_>

Bobbykotickrulesz3643d ago

The game seems pretty fun to me and I actually enjoy the menuless interface. Although I can tell that they sacrificed some RPG elements to make the game "simpler" for all those morons out there. Honestly I have barely done anything in the game yet.

Have yet to try the online, waiting for my brother to get the game, and then I'm gunna play the shit out of Fable 3.

time2die3643d ago

Come November 9th i think we all know what will be top of the gaming charts.........Enjoy Your short reign Fable 3...

Chuk53643d ago

600,000 first day.
I think fable will do all right ;)

vhero3643d ago

I agree no other major game was released the same week..

Hades13373643d ago

Rock Band 3? Force Unleashed 2? Besides, to get to the no.1 spot at all at this time of year is a massive achievement.

Elven63643d ago

Are you kidding me? October 26 was a big release day for quite a few games.

Rock Band 3
Lego Universe
Star Wars: TFU II


Not to mention games like New Vegas released a week before and are still selling.


Sackdude3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Fifa 11 and Fallout Vegas first and second selling games in UK.

Check out all UK game online stores.

DiRtY3643d ago

I am curious. This is not VGC and not MS. This is an independent market research just like NPD.

Anyway, well deserved Fable III. I am having a blast with it. Can't wait for week 45 when Kinect launches in UK.

Hades13373643d ago

Chartrack is the official UK games chart, I doubt they are lying.

wazzim3643d ago

No! A 360 can´t sell so much ever!!! Hurrrr!

OT: Great sales, even without much hype.

3643d ago
sGIBMBR3643d ago

Dunno how, I'm very disappointed with this game... !

StanLee3643d ago

Were you a fan of Fable and Fable 2? I think Fans of Fable 2 will feel right at home. I didn't like some of the changes early in the game but as I progress, it just felt natural. I enjoyed the game.

sGIBMBR3641d ago

Funny enough mate, I enjoyed Fable2... To be perfectly honest I judged the game a bit prematurely I find myself enjoying it more now than I did.

The quests I were doing at the start of the game seemed very pointless and there was not much combat, now I'm enjoying it more.

Hopefully it will keep getting better the further I progress.

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The story is too old to be commented.