5 Reasons To Be Excited About The 360 Dashboard Update

The new Xbox 360 dashboard should be hitting your machines today, and while at first the changes may seem purely superficial, there are actually some interesting things going on under the hood. Here are the 5 things to get excited about

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hoolesy3645d ago

....thanks to good old kinect, our lovely 3d aero style windows have become flat corned, boringly rendered squares. Such a shame, feels like we've gone back 3 years personally. Although we HAVE enjoyed the clarity on the headsets, that's been awesome.

wat6343645d ago

I actually like it. it feels more family oriented though, but thats not a problem.

StanLee3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

I like what they've added but I don't really like the look. Love ESPN though. What a great addition. Haven't even watched SportCenter this morning. They also finally added a search feature to Netflix and from there you can add to you instant or DVD queue. Now if they can only add NY1, I'd be set.

plb3645d ago

Why not just turn on your TV for NY1?

tinybigman3645d ago

This morning and I pretty much don't care. It does nothing for me.

Hades13373645d ago

It's the same style of interface as Windows Phone 7, Zune and Windows Media Center. They obvious just want to bring it in line with their other products.

Ghoul3645d ago

actually its a huge step forward out of a designers perspective

i greatly welcome microsofts step into a cleaner visual better usable and typographical good layouts

edgeofblade3645d ago

I really... REALLY don't care what the dash looks like as long as it's functional, and Microsoft delivers three or more different ways to do just about everything on the dash, just like Word or Windows.

Personally, I'm looking forward to getting my Kinect and using voice to navigate. "Xbox,".

Now, I want Microsoft to let me stop prefixing with "Xbox" and start with "Jarvis".

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GLoRyKnoT3645d ago

More proof that the 360 is for little children & teens. Say Cheese!

The Great Melon3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

"1. Signing Controllers In And Out Through The Dash"

Finally, I have been baffled as to why they haven't implemented it yet. It's about time. No more seat shuffling for Halo.

Steven213645d ago

Idk how many times my ass hole friends turn their controllers on first and get my gamer tag mixed up with their controller and we have to reset the system thank god we have this now

edgeofblade3645d ago

At first I thought it said "singing" controllers...

dirthurts3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

But that's the only thing I get to take advantage of here.
I don't like the new sounds when you move around in the dashboard...

3645d ago
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