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Cots13646d ago

Common guys stick to what you know

Akagi3646d ago

Uhm, you do know Crytek UK is actually Free Radical Design, the original developers of the Timesplitter series, right?

Cots13645d ago

Yeah I know who they are im saying stick with timesplitters we dont want a new IP

DeadlyFire3645d ago

We all know Crytek could easily get EA to publish this. If they are talking to a publisher it might be published by someone other than EA. An exclusive deal with someone would be nice.

EliteAssass1n3645d ago

Lol, a new single and multi-player FPS original IP. Don't know if anybody would want to take that chance after what happened with Haze.

JsonHenry3645d ago

I would LOVE for there to be another Time Splitters game!

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Quagmire3646d ago

Rerelease of Timesplitters HD Collection prease!

Coheno3646d ago

That would be SOOO good! I love the TimeSplitters series! T2 is still one of my favorite games of all time!

vhero3645d ago

Would love a remake of TS2 Just bought a PS2 to play TS2 again 4 player split screen lol. It's really that damn good.

snoopgg3645d ago

Timesplitters 2 was the shat. I would love a new Timesplitters, with the old ones done in hd on the bluray as a bonus.

soundslike3645d ago

yea as long as they update the control scheme lol

AstroZombie13646d ago

Someone has to pick this up for the love of god please.

King-Leonidas3646d ago

I think SCE should pick it up.

fossilfern3645d ago

could crytek themselves not just do it ?

kesvalk3646d ago

nah, they're too busy drooling at CoD to think about doing something good for a change...

Quagmire3646d ago

umm, what? Crytek is the developer of Crysis. not CoD

shazui1233646d ago

I think he's talking about Crytek constantly comparing Crysis 2 to games like COD in terms of how many sales they expect it to garner (which is silly)

Venox20083646d ago

TS: future perfect best in the series for me..humorous non stop action.. I wish a new one, not HD collection

Coheno3646d ago

As good as a new one would be, and I would love a new one, that old team that made the old games are totally split! Only 30 went to Crytek and I think they were well over 100 people before the bankrupcy... I'm afraid it wouldn't be the same.

But the artwork for 4 that leaked was awesome!

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The story is too old to be commented.