New Xbox 360 Dashboard Now Available

The long-awaited dashboard update for the Xbox 360 system is now live in Europe, available as a free download for all users. Designed to make the myriad of Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE features more accessible to a less experienced videogaming audience, the new dashboard launches as a compliment to the forthcoming release of the Xbox 360’s full-body motion-control system, Kinect.

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Ghoul3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Downloaded it right now looks way more mature and less like a childs toy

The original dashboard was horrible and nxe was wayyyy better this one even goes one step further into the right direction.

Great to see the xbox growing up

I like it ;)

B-Real2063646d ago

going to download it soon
gotta finish watching this movie first

RankFTW3646d ago

Yeah gotta watch this movie first too.

Ghoul3646d ago

Only letdown is that it's still not in 1080p
Fonts are still blurry ;( (onky on popups and the xbox guide window)

FordGTGuy3646d ago

Mine is 1080p and everything is sharp.

siyrobbo3646d ago

the dash is naive 720p, its upscaled to 1080p if you select that option

Ghoul3646d ago

nope i have set it up correct thanks im very aware of what im doing.

the fontmanager in the xbox doesnt render the system font in the native resolution its scaled and therefore blurry in the frontend ui.

i was hoping for a revamped font renderer of the xbox ui but sadly its still the old.

sak5003646d ago

Wow one major update and it took less than 2 mins and 2 restarts. Loving the new look so far, much cleaner and quicker.

ElementX3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Yeah when I update my PS3 I have time to shower, fix dinner, and grab a beer.

Sure, disagree but I swear it takes 20 minutes sometimes.

DelbertGrady3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

What's even funnier is that it's actually true.

Try getting game that's been out for a while, say LBP or Uncharted 2, then get ready for a 1 hour+ installa-ton before you get to play it.

Snakefist303646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Actually It takes 5 mins If U download from pc then.Then transfer it to the ps3 by USB flash Then install Simple!!

I Swear!!

'It could be a 20mb update and take 5-10min to install'

Then How many mins do u need then 5 SECS??

Maybe Its Because of the Raam!! 360 is 512MB and PS3 is 256MB shared.Thats y it can do faster.Anyway do u guys dont hav no Patience.


I am Not a PS3 fan read my comment history then talk.

T9X693646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

@Snakefist30 - Why should I have to go on a PC to download an update for my PS3? The download isn't the painful part anyway, it's the installing part. It could be a 20mb update and take 5-10min to install.

EDIT: Yea, Xbox can do it, why can't PS3? Took me less than 30 sec to download and install this update on my Xbox. Every firmware update for PS3 I end up watching TV, playing Xbox or browsing the internet on my computer because it takes so long.

FYI I have a 30MBPS connection, my connection isn't the problem, it's PSN, it's slow.

sak5003646d ago Show
Karum3646d ago

I love my PS3 as much as the next guy, it gets so much more use than my 360 but the guy has a point.

When it comes to updates then it is a lot faster on the 360, both in downloading and installing. Now I have no issue with my PS3 updating, my downloads are fast but the install process can be painstaking at times and it's normally installs of larger updates or game demos where the file size is quite big.

I'm not that bothered though, if something is installing I always have my PC or laptop on so just troll the interwebz while that is going on so it's no big deal.

Moentjers3646d ago

that's right, ms has a lot more experience with patches and updates than sony

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tinybigman3646d ago

I gotta say is meh it doesn't do much in the way of anything for me.

tinybigman3645d ago

Why should I get excited over an update?

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GameFAQs3646d ago

Here's the official PR:

You should add this as the source.

kevco333646d ago

Well, that's not the original source of this story. That wasn't live when this story was written, but feel free to add it as an alternative source.

TrevorPhillips3646d ago

New dashboard update looks incredible :D

Titanz3646d ago ShowReplies(2)
PandaJenkins3646d ago

really liking it. Like the smoothness to it. Loads a lot faster as well. Seems like looking around the marketplace will be less of a hassle too. Also glad that you can easily see your microsoft points now, surprised it was so annoying to before -_-. Whats ESPN like Americans? We don't get any of that stuff here in nz :/

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