MS expects critical and commercial mismatch

Aaron Greenberg confesses that review scores for Kinect launch titles might not be great, but sales will be strong.

Xbox 360 platform holder Microsoft has admitted that the review scores for some of its Kinect launch titles are unlikely to match the adulation given to the likes of Halo Reach – but that it won’t affect their performance at retail.

“For us, these are different types of titles and experiences than maybe some of the games traditionally that are targeted to the core market,” chief of staff for Microsoft's interactive entertainment business Aaron Greenberg told Eurogamer.

“So the correlation between a review score for Halo: Reach and sales is very high, but Kinect Sports is more about just having fun.

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leonlion3650d ago

It to sell like vista good at the start then dwindling very quickly when people find out it's no good

OGharryjoysticks3650d ago

But look at what Microsoft was able to do with the 360 itself.

jneul3650d ago

O_o that's not good, shovelware confirmed....

Chromer3650d ago

but because of the hype behind Kinect, they'll sell anyway? If I actually cared about Kinect, I would be offended.

units3650d ago

he is saying is that the games may be reviewed with a certain bias because critics are used to a controller


kung fu rider. the fight lights out ring a bell

cleric203650d ago

If I was going to perform a 'hit and run' sales campaign to get a product into lots of homes even though I had possibly weak / broken games to go with it - I don't think I'd come out and say that the reviews were likely to be bad even before any of the reviews had run...
Doesn't inspire confidence from potential buyers!!

Soldierone3650d ago

The fact that it releases later this week, not a single review has been online. IGN and no other site are doing weeks of previews for it, and they kept it locked away unless you had an MS rep to assist you while playing. I think that says enough about bad reviews....

I guess its fair. Its new tech, and PS Move only had a few good launch titles. Neither side will see good ones till main stream games start using them.

DJMarty3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

500 million may convince the brain washed sheep to buy it.

Buying it and keeping it are another matter.

If it don't work it can be returned just as fast.

Once word spreads that Kinect don't work and reviews pan it. Expect sales to stall.

Pew Pew Pew, says it all, LOL

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