Lazygamer: Wii Party Reviewed – It’s a Mii, Not Mario!

The Wii, in its standard definition, waggle-filled lifetime has become the home of the “party game.” De rigueur collections of mini-games that are designed to be simple slices of gaming, cut up and served for general public consumption. They are sometimes, as is the case with Warioware, deliciously addictive morsels; while more often than not, they’re the scrapings of the bottom of soup kitchen pots.

Wii Party is the latest marquee title from Nintendo, following Wii sports, Wii Play, Wii Music and Wii Sports Resort and is – as if the Wii needed more – a collection of mini-games. Is it the cream that it rises to the top, or is it as bland as skimmed milk?

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